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Tournament > Kevvie March 2018

Kevvie March 2018

League Table

RankTeam NamePWDLPts
1Ancient Mariners870114
2Superfluous Contenders850310
4Fantastic Four82064

Mon 12 Mar 18 #2 

Congratulations to the Mariners who redeemed themselves after a little rest last month. Well done to the Mindbenders and Superfluous Contenders who tied for 2nd place this month.

Thanks to the Four, a pleasure to team up with you as always.

Let's see if we can find some new blood for next month's Kevvie. In the meantime make sure you are signed up for next week's Decathlon.

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Mon 12 Mar 18 #3 
Ruby Franks

Thanks for the tournament JMK. Thanks and congratulations to everyone for taking part.

Time to get some more teams in to upset some applecarts - wherever they're parked.

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Mon 12 Mar 18 #4 

Well done Contenders!

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