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Tournament > Kevvie December 2017

Kevvie December 2017

League Table

RankTeam NamePWDLPts
1Superfluous Contenders860212
3Ancient Mariners850310
4Fantastic Four83056

Sun 10 Dec 17 #2 

Well well we’ll how often have we not seen the Pirates in third place it’s seems the Contenders are now someone to contend with. 

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Sun 10 Dec 17 #3 

We didn't actually play that badly this month, but still ended up losing narrowly to the Benders, Contenders and the Fantastic Four.  Congratulations to all our vanquishers.  We'll be back with sharpened cutlasses next month!


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Sun 10 Dec 17 #4 

Congrats to the Contenders for a great performance.   The Mindbenders are pleased to be tied with you!  Well done team.  The Ancient ones will be back next month with vengeance!

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Mon 11 Dec 17 #5 

Congrats Mindbenders and well done to the rest of the Contenders! Well done team :)

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Mon 11 Dec 17 #6 

Well that is an intersting result. Looking forward to next month's competition.

Congratulations Mindbenders and Superfluous Contenders.

Thanks to the rest of the 4, we may not have won but beating the Mariners is nothing to be sneezed at.

Let's see if we can't round up some more teams for the next Kevvie and really make it interesting.

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Tue 12 Dec 17 #7 

Congrats to the Mindbenders and a most hearty congrats to my teammates!   I have to tell you all a quick story.   Early Sun am...around 1am eastern time I went on Facta and saw that we needed Taz to play with about 2 hours left.    I knew we needed a bit more than 800 points to win the one game and we needed 1968 to beat the Mariners.   I thought of telling Taz that was the goal but I thought better of it.   I did send a message to Taz to get playing.   In the morning I was pleasantly surprised that Taz got it and more!   Way to go my friend and way to go the rest of the contenders....we all had our moments!    Here’s to Jan!

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