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Tournament > Kevvie September 2017

Kevvie September 2017

League Table

RankTeam NamePWDLPts
1Ancient Mariners870114
2Superfluous Contenders850310
4Fantastic Four83056

Sat 9 Sep 17 #2 

Congratulations to the Mariners. Well done to the Superfluous Contenders and the Mindbenders. 

Thanks to the rest of the Four.

Go 4!

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Sat 9 Sep 17 #3 

Congrats to the winners - was, as usual, a pleasure :)

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Sat 9 Sep 17 #4 
Ruby Franks

Thanks to you JMK.  Thanks to the Contenders. Congratulations  to the other podium places. 

AAAARGGGH That's me being a bit aggressively piratical.

A shame we didn't have Secret Weapons to disturb the status quo.

I'm asking all of us to send out brainoffs to them and others who have sometimes taken part or who you think should take part because their names appear on brainoffs.

I'm asking them not to be nervy and just post that they'd like to take part. You may not believe it, but it took a great effort of nerve and will for me to ask to take part first time.

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