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Tue 5 Feb 13 #1 

Actually, Top Gear (UK) recently broke the World's Record (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) as being the most watched weekly show in TV history.

At first glance, the reasons why are not obvious.....

Top Gear's host No.1 is Jeremy Clarkson. He is an astonishingly bad example of a host of a car appreciation show. He is ugly, ungainly, arrogant and so blatantly conservative that he has incurred the wrath of recent British press.

But he can appreciate a finely engineered car and he can drive well.

Top Gear's host No. 2 is Richard Hammond. He is better looking than Jeremy (not hard) but considerably shorter and usually dominated by his taller, uglier co-host.

But he can appreciate a finely engineered car and he can drive well and has a sense of humour.

Top Gear's host No. 3 is James May. James is the long haired "greenie" of the team. The conscience maybe. Is he effective? Not really because you will find his head quite often turned by vehicles that could not exactly be considered "green".

But he can appreciate a finely engineered car. Although it seems he can't drive very well and doesn't have much of a sense of humour.

Now, even though there are many versions of this show in many countries around the world, why is this one the best?

This is one reason.....

The Pagini Zonda 2012

Or this, my favourite motor vehicle.....

The Lamborghini Aventador

I would actually like to own this vehicle. But unfortunately, it's width is actually wider than the left and right pillars of the car port in my apartment block....bummer.

Top Gear (UK) gets to drive and review these vehicles. The other shows do not.

Top Gear (UK) actually get's it wrong on occasion. Last season, Richard Hammond did a "review" of the South African produced "Marauder" vehicle.... a heavily armoured vehicle quite blatantly built to suppress a selected population that is currently up for public sale. But he had the bad taste to test the vehicle in and around Johannesburg, South Africa.

I felt personally that the article showed terribly bad taste and might even be considered offensive. I can understand why.

So, the show has it's faults.

But no much how the other countries try to better it, only the UK version is worth watching.

Is there a US version of Top Gear? Yup. What is it like? Awful. Why?

Because they are consumed with everything American and they have no other cars. Why? I assumed it was because that the US show simply did not have the prestige of the UK show.......so that's all they can drive and show........dumb muscle cars. Or maybe the finer car companies just don't trust them.

Why do the British commentators and their show get the best cars? I have no idea. But the point is, they do.

That's why I watch them.

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Tue 5 Feb 13 #2 

The Australian version was dreadful and thankfully died an early death.

Top gear is compulsorary viewing in our household.

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Tue 5 Feb 13 #3 

Clarkson just plainly offends me. James May is much like a useless appendix. Richard Hammond just hangs around.

But I hate them all.........yet THEY get to drive the most gorgeous vehicles in the world.

And so, I have no choice but to watch.

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Tue 5 Feb 13 #4 

My pet subject.... DONT WATCH IT! I have for my sins met two of the presenters in a professional capacity both were worse arseholes than they are on TV

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Thu 7 Feb 13 #5 
Honey Badger

Never heard of it.

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Thu 7 Feb 13 #6 
The Grumpinator

Suprisingly not my fav program, I enjoy the travelogue stuff when they go to foreign countries and act silly but as a car program not so good. If they ever start discussing the engines I may watch regularly but can't be bothered if they just talk about how they look.

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Fri 8 Feb 13 #7 

I recognise mapmakers objections.

My response?  Create a better show!

Look, I am not happy with them either......

Clarkson is an arrogant buffoon that deserves to be part of a petro-chemical explosion...

Hammond is a self-serving midget that is making whatever he can out of this.....

And May is counting his blessings since the day he way asked to join the team for no discernible reason.

Yet, it's WORKING.

Stop it from working and then we'll have something to talk about.

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Fri 8 Feb 13 #8 

Well, that's just, like, your opinion.

I prefer Dexter. (Well, you did make a very broad topic.)

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Fri 8 Feb 13 #9 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

For me, Top Gear reached a tipping point several years ago where the ridiculously staged and contrived challenges took over from the entertaining ones and the reasons for throwing my remote at the TV outweighed the reasons for enjoying it.

I still like "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car", though.

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Fri 8 Feb 13 #10 

Dexter is good but Pinky and the Brain is right up there.

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Tue 12 Feb 13 #11 

I KNOW Stu!  Aren't they completely crappy?

As if we didn't know, Jeremy, that you placed three stories of RV on the back of a utility (as we call them in Oz) and expected it to stay there!

And the Jeremy and Richard sabotage incidents of James?  Oh, c'mon, you think we actually DIDN'T think that came out of a production meeting????

However, there a small point.  They are the only show that reviews the coolest (and best) cars and still, as far as I know, they have no allegiance to any car company.

For that reason alone, I am compelled to keep watching.

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Tue 12 Feb 13 #12 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

I used to enjoy the challenges but it all just got a bit too silly. 

The cool and best cars? Admittedly, I'm not a petrol head by any stretch of the imagination but they tend to leave me a bit cold. I'm not particularly interested in which of two cars which cost more than my house performs better around a track.

Each to their own, of course.

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Mon 18 Feb 13 #13 

I will never have the resources to BUY the best whatever.

But, for some reason, I like being told why this car is better than that car.

I have no idea why.  Maybe it's just because I hope.

Oh....and I pride myself on driving.

No accidents for over 20 years.  That part I credit to my father and his stance of defensive driving.

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