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Sat 22 Dec 12 #1 

Lucy has asked me to tell all of her friends on here that she is receiving chemo for cancer and when I spoke with her this evening, she was feeling well while celebrating her birthday and she just preferred that someone else share the news with you. Lucy is in good spirits and is very optimistic about her treatment. Feel free to PM her about it or speak about it in this forum. She just doesn't want a big pity party. She has a fight to win! Go Linda!

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Sat 22 Dec 12 #2 
The Grumpinator

Devastated !! Come on Lucy, we know you can do it !!

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Sun 23 Dec 12 #3 

Thanks guys

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Sun 23 Dec 12 #4 

Thinking of you, we know you can do it.

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Sun 23 Dec 12 #5 

All the best to you Lucy. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.

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Sun 23 Dec 12 #6 
sally906 (online)

Oh Lucy sorry to hear the news - but if you think you can wiggle out of our 'Words with friends' games you've got another think coming!

You'll be fine {{{hugs}}}

Sending healthy vibes and prayers your way

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Sun 23 Dec 12 #7 

Happy Birthday Lucy!

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Tue 25 Dec 12 #8 

I sincerely hope and pray that u will be ok. Being positive is a good start. Thoughts are for you at this time.

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Wed 26 Dec 12 #9 

I WILL be praying for u Lucy! hang in there

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Thu 27 Dec 12 #10 

Be positive, and you will get through this.

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Fri 28 Dec 12 #11 

We're all there with you, Lucy. Nothing feels better than a real group hug!

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Fri 28 Dec 12 #12 
Allan R. Matthes

My long time Kevvie teammate, Lucy. I am praying for you and hope you will be able to still play the Kevvie. If not I understand. Please get well, completely well soon.

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