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Sat 27 Oct 12 #1 

As many of you may know, there is a colossal storm headed up the east coast of the US. Hurricane Sandy is large, not tremendously powerful but huge! It is slow moving and it setting itself up to collide with a cold front coming down from Canada. Then it will get cold. We are expecting power outages which they are telling us may last for days or a few weeks. Please know that If I don't show up for a tournament it is because of a loss of power! Wish us luck! I don't like to be inconvenienced and I miss my Factacular buddies!

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Sat 27 Oct 12 #2 

Take care. Living in a cyclone zone I know these buggers can be mean and unpredictable. They are calling it Frankenstorm as it is adding lots of little weather masses to it.

Our cyclone season starts officially in 3 days - our cyclone kit is ready and hubby has tested the generator. So we're set - but never, ever complacent.

Just keep indoors until the all clear - it really is the safest place!

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Tue 30 Oct 12 #3 

Take care SSG... our Funky Warrior... But if those hunky firemen say get out you get out and stay safe!

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Tue 30 Oct 12 #4 

So sorry for all the death, destruction, and damage from this dreadful storm....it is the worst ever, I think, for the East Coast. Hope you are surviving safely, SSG...we Guerrila Girls are keeping our fingers crossed that you will have electricity and heat SOON if you have lost it.

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Wed 31 Oct 12 #5 
The Grumpinator

I hope the b**** is afloat and praying for rescue. That'll teach her to mess with us normal people !!
I'm told the Editors have a sweepstake on who she will eat first !!

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