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Sat 21 Jan 12 #1 

Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Two Daughters And A Beautiful Wife -- The Drive By Truckers are Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Brad Morgan, Shonna Tucker, John Neff and Jay Gonzalez ( as of 2011)
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- 3 Dimes Down
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- The Righteous Path
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- I'm Sorry Huston
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Perfect Timing
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Daddy Needs A Drink
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Self Destructive Zones
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Bob
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Home Field Advantage
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- The Opening Act
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Lisa's Birthday
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- That Man I Shot
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- The Purgatory Line
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- The Home Front
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Checkout Time In Vegas
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- You And Your Crystal Meth
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- Goode's Field Road
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- A Ghost To Most
Brighter Than Creations Dark -- The Monument Valley
The Fine Print -- George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues
The Fine Print -- Rebels
The Fine Print -- Uncle Frank
The Fine Print -- TVA
The Fine Print -- Goode's Field Road (alternative version)
The Fine Print -- The Great Car Dealer War
The Fine Print -- Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)
The Fine Print -- When The Well Runs Dry
The Fine Print -- Mrs Claus' Kimono
The Fine Print -- Play It All Night Long
The Fine Print -- Little Pony And The Great Big Horse
The Fine Print -- Like A Rolling Stone
Pizza Deliverance -- Bulldozers And Dirt
Pizza Deliverance -- Uncle Frank
Pizza Deliverance -- Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
Pizza Deliverance -- Box Of Spiders
Pizza Deliverance -- One Of These Days
Pizza Deliverance -- Margo And Harold
Pizza Deliverance -- The Company I Keep
Pizza Deliverance -- The President's Penis Is Missing
Pizza Deliverance -- Tales Facing Up
Pizza Deliverance -- Love Like This
Pizza Deliverance -- Mrs Dubose
Pizza Deliverance -- Zoloft
Pizza Deliverance -- The Night G.G. Allin Came To Town
A Blessing And A Curse -- Feb 14
A Blessing And A Curse -- Gravity's Gone
A Blessing And A Curse -- Easy On Yourself
A Blessing And A Curse -- Aftermath USA
A Blessing And A Curse -- Goodbye
A Blessing And A Curse -- Daylight
A Blessing And A Curse -- Wednesday
A Blessing And A Curse -- Little Bonnie
A Blessing And A Curse -- Space City
A Blessing And A Curse -- A Blessing And A Curse
A Blessing And A Curse -- A World Of Hurt
The Big To Do -- Daddy Learned TO Fly
The Big To Do --The Fourth Night Of My Drinking
The Big To Do -- Birthday Boy
The Big To Do -- Drag The Lake Charlie
The Big To Do -- The Wig He Made Her Wear
The Big To Do -- You Got Another
The Big To Do -- This Fucking Job
The Big To Do -- Get Downtown
The Big To Do -- AfterThe Scene Dies
The Big To Do -- (It's Gonna Be) I Told You So
The Big To Do -- Santa Fe
The Big To Do -- The Flying Wallendas
The Big To Do -- Eyes Like Glue
Decoration Day -- The Deeper In
Decoration Day -- Sink Hole
Decoration Day -- Hell No, I Ain't Happy
Decoration Day -- Marry Me
Decoration Day -- My Sweet Annette
Decoration Day -- Outfit
Decoration Day -- Heathens
Decoration Day -- Sounds Better In The Song
Decoration Day -- (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon Decoration Day -- Your Daddy Hates Me
Decoration Day -- Careless
Decoration Day -- When The Pin Hits The Shell
Decoration Day -- Do It Yourself
Decoration Day -- Decoration Day
Decoration Day -- Loaded Gun In The Closet
The Dirty South -- Where The Devil Don't Stay
The Dirty South -- Tornadoes
The Dirty South -- The Day John Henry Died
The Dirty South -- Puttin'People On The Moon
The Dirty South -- Carl Perkins Cadillac
The Dirty South -- The Sands Of Iwo Jims
The Dirty South -- Danko/Manuel
The Dirty South -- The Boys From Alabama
The Dirty South -- Cotton Seed
The Dirty South -- The Buford Stick
The Dirty South -- Daddy's Cup
The Dirty South -- Never Gonna Change
The Dirty South -- Lookout Mountain
The Dirty South -- Goddam Lonely Love
Go Go Boots -- I Do Believe
Go Go Boots -- Dancin' Ricky
Go Go Boots -- Cartoon Gold
Go Go Boots -- Ray's Automatic Weapon
Go Go Boots -- Everybody Needs Love
Go Go Boots -- Assholes
Go Go Boots -- The Weakest Man
Go Go Boots -- I Used To Be A Cop
Go Go Boots -- The Fireplace Poker
Go Go Boots -- Where's Eddie
Go Go Boots -- The Thanksgiving Filter
Go Go Boots -- Pulaski
Go Go Boots -- Mercy Buckets

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Sat 21 Jan 12 #2 

Hope this is Ok.

Another Group For Kev to Rock To. Play It Loud and Listen To The Lyrics.

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Sat 21 Jan 12 #3 

Scariest list I've ever seen. Does " Drag the Lake Charlie" have anything to do with
"Fireplace Poker"?
Perfect category for the Jive, eh?

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Mon 23 Jan 12 #4 
The Grumpinator

hmmm check out Murder Ballads by Nick Cave

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Wed 25 Jan 12 #5 

I've added them in though I'm not sure if they should be in Music or in Sports.

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Thu 26 Jan 12 #6 

Presume 'Decoration Day -- Your Daddy Hates Me ' was meant to be a separate fact so fixed it.

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