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Tue 27 Dec 11 #1 

Hi, I would liket to change my profile name to Vedder. It is currently EddieVedder. How do I do that?

Thanks!! :)

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Thu 29 Dec 11 #2 

Ask Dr Factenstein, Eddie.

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Fri 30 Dec 11 #3 

I'll bring it to his attention

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Fri 30 Dec 11 #4 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

I'll get it sorted for you when I have a moment.

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Sat 31 Dec 11 #5 

Are you the Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam? Because if you are, I can recommend some excellent satire by a guy called "Weird" Al Yankovic.


It's not him, is it. Of course not.

All we get is anonymous but boring ivy league college professors.


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