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Mon 31 Oct 11 #1 

I love all the tournaments and the great variety, and the tremendous efforts by the admins to keep them all running smoothly and taking so many suggestions from us riff raff. :-)

Do you do something like an Indy Car Point System where you could have a Factacular Series winner for the entire year of 2011? Each week you have your regular tournaments with indvidual winners each time.

But you could have an ongoing scoring system like that used by the Indy Car series alloting 50 points for 1st place, 40 for second, 35 for third, 32 for fourth etc ...and so on that just keeps accumulating each week until you crown a winner at the end of the year for the best most consistent performance in all the tournaments of 2011.

Just a thought!

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Thu 3 Nov 11 #2 

Interesting idea.

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