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Fri 2 Mar 07 #1 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

Over the last day or so I have noticed that the "Latest Forum Posts" feature in one user's profile has been used to "follow" that user around and post everywhere he posts. It's petty and irritating for me as a bystander so I can only imagine how annoying it must be for the target of this "cyber-stalking".

Anyhow - my suggestion is that the Last Forum Posts feature be ditched except for when viewing your own profile. It's being abused and if people can't play nicely together I think you should take their ball away.

Just, as ever, a suggestion...

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Fri 2 Mar 07 #2 

That person can go to "profile" and uncheck the box that allows others to view his/her profile?

Not meaning to butt in -- I'm not very technically savvy, and I'm actually trying to find out if that would work...not that anyone's stalking me!

The main reason I use this feature, ie checking the last posts of other people, is to see if people have given a lot of challenges recently, or what subjects they like....i mean it's not really that necessary. If if causes problems, by all means ditch it. My $.02!

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