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Wed 15 Dec 10 #1 
Bright But Idle
Fact Daddy

A little music video for your amusement this Christmas.

Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

Viewer discretion is advised, as the language is of the robust and industrial variety, but I'm a bit twisted so it makes me laugh.

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Wed 15 Dec 10 #2 
The Grumpinator

Subaru or Mitsubishi, decisions decisions, definately not a horse, only good for roses. Any idea who the girl was ??

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Wed 15 Dec 10 #3 
The Grumpinator

found it, Madeline Mulqueen

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Thu 16 Dec 10 #4 


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Fri 17 Dec 10 #5 

That was odd. But...but..but! Entertaining! Definitely entertaining!

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Fri 17 Dec 10 #6 

nice tune. interesting lyrics.(i didn't understand most of em however)

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Sat 18 Dec 10 #7 

Their other stuff is good as well. Check out their prank calls on youtube, especially the one that goes wrong...

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Mon 20 Dec 10 #8 

Very interesting. Probably be doubly so when I work out what the hell it is they were saying.


Strange though......the "concept" of the band seems very similar in essence to an Australian group of the 80s and 90s called T.I.S.M (This Is Serious Mum).....a bunch of balaclava'd counter-culturalists from Melbourne who delighted in trying to offend and refusing to alter their music videos so they could be seen on commercial telly.

They did some hellishly good songs too.....

Greg! The Stop Sign

(St. KFC = Saint Kilda Football Club - a very old Aussie Rules side)

Thunderbirds Are Comin' Out

(great idea for a music video - showcasing Melbourne bands that don't normally get a 'look in' - no that any of them are very good mind ya - nice little joke at the end too)

Whatareya? (Yob or Wanker)

A song of theirs concerning the death of actor River Phoenix got them into some hot water. It's now regarded as a counter-culture classic. It's called "He'll Never Be (An Old Man River)". The chorus has to be heard to be believed.

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