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Mon 29 Nov 10 #1 

I thought his idea was very good. It could be a nice shorttest of brain power and endurance. Can we figure out how to give this a shot? I am totally non-technical in my computer abilities but I would be happy to try to organize something like this. There seemed to be an interest back in August when it was first posted. Remarks?

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Tue 30 Nov 10 #2 

We did it in the Geography Tournament. May do it again in another one.

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Tue 30 Nov 10 #3 

That would be good. I guess I miss tournaments, JMK. They keep rolling on and past me faster than a speeding bullet! Sometimes I yell to myself "stop the world! I want to get off" You and javalyne have such unbounded energy. It is unbelievable! Thanks for all you do for the site, JMK. I simply cannot play the Jive because I have to do Christmasy things here. I wouldn't want to let a partner down.

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