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Wed 7 Feb 07 #1 

Count .. could you please add a new section to the brainoffs challenge sheet where we can put players to ignore so that they don't go back into Other Factularians section.

There are few non players that I would like to add.

Also, when you put them in ignore and you get a brainoff including some players, they are added back to your Friends / Adversaries list.

Is there a way of stopping this?

It makes it hard to find the people who you really would rather send brainoffs to.

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Wed 7 Feb 07 #2 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

Well, it would be nice if there were three lists really...

List 1: The great unwashed
List 2: People you've recently shared a Brainoff with
List 3: People you've manually listed as friends (or favourite enemies)

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Thu 8 Feb 07 #3 
guinness john

erm, i certainly come into the category of the great unwashed, since it was freezing here today and the moosus had washed the towels and said they were 'nearly dry'. yeah, right, when you wrung the icicles out of them.
one thing i would suggest is that if youve just done a brainoff with someone and enjoyed it - ie with your chums when you know they are online - is there a chance for a repeat button so you dont have to go through the same process?

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Thu 8 Feb 07 #4 

There is at the bottom of the results, but I can't get the thing to work. But I guess you mean when you the instigator have completed the brainoff. That would make more sense.

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