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Mon 18 Dec 06 #1 
Bright But Idle
Fact Daddy

How about this then.

Have a daily (maybe weekly/monthly too?) scoreboard based on the aggregate score from the public brainoffs.

Might get people starting/finishing some of the less appealing subjects?

Gives the good all-rounders a chance at fame and notoriety?

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Fri 22 Dec 06 #2 

I like this idea if it is feasible.

Here's another related idea: (if feasible) maintain a tally of scores in most recent 30 or 60 days. This would give an idea of who's moving and who's snoozing.

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Wed 27 Dec 06 #3 
Dollar Bill

also a running tally of your score during the Brainoff would be helpful...

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Thu 28 Dec 06 #4 

Oh .. I like the moving and snoozing idea.

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Thu 11 Jan 07 #5 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

How about using the sum of a user's Top 10 (or whatever) scores for a weekly competition?

That way, you're not penalised if you miss a day. Plus, I can get away with knowing nothing about who makes what perfume rather than having it drag down my score from "Chances of winning a tenner on the lottery".

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