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Sun 1 Jun 08 #1 

Think I've done it right this time.

James Bond -- Dr No -- Sean Connery plays the role of British spy James Bond. The character was created by Ian Fleming.

James Bond -- From Russia With Love -- Second outing for Connery in the role of the British spy. This time on the trail of a Russian Decoding Machine.

James Bond -- Goldfinger -- Britains 00 agent on the trail of criminal mastermind Auric Goldfinger who is intent on breaking into Fort Knox. Part of this movie was filmed at Stoke Poges Golf Club in England. Gert Frobe played Goldfinger. Honor Blackman played the role of Pussy Galore. Dame Shirley Bassey sang the theme song.

James Bond -- Thunderball -- Another outing for Connery as the sexy suave 00 agent this time on the trail of two stolen nuclear bombs. Later recreated the role in the film Never Say Never Again. Tome Jones sang the theme song.

James Bond --You Only Live Twice -- Once more he played the role of James Bond -- this time taking espionage to new levels namely outer space. Little Nellie was arguable the highlight of the movie. Donald Plesance played Blofeld. Nancy Sinatra sang the theme song.

James Bond -- Diamonds Are Forever -- the last of Connery’s original Bond movies. This time on the trail of villians intent on using a powerful laser made up of diamonds to literally cause a meltdown between the super powers. Charles Gray played the villian Blofeld. Dame Shirley Bassey sang the theme song.

King Arthur -- First Knight -- Richard Gere playing the role of Lancelot. Talk about miscasting.

Robin Hood -- Robin and Marian -- played alongside Audrey Hepburn who portrayed Maid Marian.

John Anderson -- The Anderson Tapes -- played the criminal mastermind responsible for setting up a robbery of an apartment building in which the event during the robbery is recorded. Co stars included Dyan Cannon and Martin Balsam.

Edward Pierce/John Simms/Geoffrey -- The First Great Train Robbery -- played the role of a victorian criminal which loosely re-creates the tale of the first ever Great Train Robbery in Victorian times. Co stars include Donald Sutherland

Moses Zebulon ‘Shalako’ Carlin -- Shalako -- played the role of the scout Shalako -- co stars included Jack Hawkins and Brigit Bardot

Captain Marko Ramius-- The Hunt For Red October -- played the role of a Russian submarine commander who disillusioned with the way the Russian Navy was being used by the powers to be so he plans to and steals one of the nuclear submarines to hand it over to the USA. Co stars included Alec Baldwin and Sam Neill.

Alan Quartermain -- League Of Extraordinary Gentleman. Characters based on the comic characters created in the 19th century.

Barley Scott Blair -- The Russia House -- based on John Le Carre’s novel -- one of Connery’s best roles. Co stars included Michelle Pfeiffer.

Jim Malone -- The Untouchables -- played the role of Malone -- the film also stars Kevin Costner as Elliot Ness and Robert De Niro as Al Capone. Connery won Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal as one of the Untouchables.

William of Baskerville -- The Name of the Rose -- played the role of a medieval monk in the adaptation of Umberto Eco’s novel of the same name. A young Christian Slater played Connery’s sidekick Adso of Melk..

Captain John Connor -- Rising Sun -- plays the role of a detective fluent in Japanese and knowlegable of Japanese culture seekin the murderer of a prostitute. Co stars included Wesley Snipes.

Doctor Robert Campbell -- Medicine Man -- Connery plays a scientist working in the South American rainforest -- this movie wonderfully portrays the Brazilian natives. Connery gave an outstanding performance.

Major General Roy Urquhart -- A Bridge Too Far -- Connery is just one of the many, many great actors in this famous (deservedly) World War II film. Directed by Richard Attenborough; co-stars Michael Caine, James Caan, Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier, et al.

Daniel Dravot -- The Man Who Would Be King -- Perhaps the best of all. Sean Connery and Michael Caine co-star as Empire-era British soldiers out to gain an Indian kingdom - absolutely delightful, filled with high humor and adventure.

Detective Sergeant Johnson -- The Offence -- Dark thriller with Connery as an over-the-edge cop hunting down a child molester. Well-acted, but very heavy. Co-stars Trevor Howard and Ian Bannen,.

Jack Kehoe -- The Molly Maguires -- Story of Irish immigrants working the coal mines in 19th century America. Connery leads the rebellious miners; cO star Richard Harris is out to catch him.

Joe Roberts -- The Hill -- Powerful WWII film about a prison camp for errant soldiers - their suffering and degradation - in the North African desert. Connery gives an outstanding performance as an unjustly busted sergeant.

Mark Rutland -- Marnie -- Alfred Hitchcock’s story of a mentally troubled young woman (Tippi Hedren), wooed, won and restored by Sean Connery’s love. Mixed reviews, yet a classic.

Anthony Richmond -- Woman of Straw -- crime thriller with Connery as a greedy nephew bent on securing uncle’s fortune. Co-stars Ralph Richardson and Gina Lollobrigida.

Paul Armstrong -- Just Cause -- Co star Laurence Fishburne and Connery team up to identify and capture a child killer. Lots of plot twists.Co-stars Blair Underwood, Ed Harris, Kate Capshaw.

Doctor Alex Murray -- A Good Man in Africa -- Connery gives a gem performance in his small role in this comedy about diplomats in an under-developed African country. Mixed reviews - love it or hate it.

Johnny Kates -- Hell Drivers (aka Hard Drivers) -- Ex-con trying to go straight discovers his truck-driving buddies are pulling a scam. The fun in this British crime drama are the bit roles by many now famous names: Connery, Jill Ireland, Patrick McGoohan, David McCallum. Connery’s role is so small it has no last name - he is “Johnny.”

Juan Sanchez Villa - Lobos Ramirez -- Highlander -- Starred Chrisopher Lambert in the title role as Conor MacLeod who is blessed with either a curse or gift.

McClintock -- Requiem for a Heavyweight -- Connery has a small part in this TV drama about the underside of the fight business. Originally produced for TV. Stars Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason.

Paddy Damion -- Frightened City -- Sean Connery stars as a mob enforcer who becomes a target of the big boys in this British crime thriller.

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Sun 1 Jun 08 #2 

Looks good - same as Clint Eastwood.
Questions OK?

I'll let JMK come back by and get this.

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Sun 1 Jun 08 #3 

ta more to come.

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Sun 1 Jun 08 #4 

Looks good SBFM. All added thanks, check it out. If you have any more post them here.

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