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Sat 9 Dec 06 #1 

Nicking Allan's idea somewhat, it might be interesting to have 2 topics

1. UK motorways...........where they go from and to as have been asked this is quizzes and
2. UK motorway service stations and which motorway they are on as I have been asked to name the service stations on the M6 in a quiz b4 now.

Might be useful.......:)

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Sat 9 Dec 06 #2 

M1-- links London and Leeds
M2--links Rochester to Faversham--Bypasses the Medway Towns.
M3--links Southampton and London
M4--links London to South Wales
M5--links Exeter and the south-west of England with Birmingham and the Midlands.
M6--links the M1 at Rugby with Carlisle.

M8-- links Edinburgh and Greenock--via Glasgow
M9--links Edinburgh and Stirling

M10--is a short spur from the M1 to St Albans
M11-- links London and Cambridge
M18--links the M1 at Rotherham and the M62 at Goole
M20--links London (Swanley) and Folkestone
M23--links London (Coulsdon) to beyond Crawley
M25--is the London orbital motorway
M26--is a short link between the M25 at Sevenoaks and the M20 before Maidstone
M27--is the south coast route running from Cadnam, west of Southampton, to Portsmouth.
M32--is a spur from the M4 to central Bristol.
M40--links London with Birmingham at the M42 Birmingham orbital motorway
M42--is the southern and eastern part of the Birmingham orbital motorway extending north towards Ashby-de-la-Zouch and west to the M5.
M45--is a short spur from the M1 north of Daventry towards Coventry.
M48--includes the Severn Bridge, linking Thornbury and Newport, Monmouthshire over the River Severn-- This used to be the M4 before the Second Severn Crossing was built.
M49--is a short link from the M5 to the M4 west of Bristol
M50-- links the M5 at Tewkesbury to Ross-on-Wye
M53-- links Chester and Birkenhead
M54-- links the M6 north of Wolverhampton and Telford
M55-- links Blackpool and the M6 at Preston
M56-- links Manchester and Chester
M57--is a Liverpool bypass running north-west from the M62-- also known as the Liverpool Outer Ring Road
M58-- links Wigan and northern Liverpool
M60--is the Manchester Outer Ring Road, an orbital motorway
M61-- links Preston and Manchester
M62-- links Liverpool and the approaches to Kingston-upon-Hull-- the trans-Pennine link.
M65-- links Preston and Colne, Lancashire
M66-- links Rawtenstall and the M62 at Manchester
M67-- links the M60 at Denton to Hyde in Greater Manchester
M69-- links Leicester and Coventry
M96--is not open to the public, but part of the Fire Service College at Moreton-in-Marsh-- Sometimes erroneously referred to as the M91

am going to put some extra Scottish ones in below.........there are A(M) roads and 3 digit ones I haven't tho........


M73-- links Cumbernauld to the M74
M74-- links Glasgow and Abington in South Lanarkshire, where the A74(M) takes over
M77-- links Glasgow and Fenwick (near Kilmarnock)
M80-- links Glasgow and Stirling
M90-- links the Forth Road Bridge and Perth

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Sat 9 Dec 06 #3 

I agree. Nice to have a balance.

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