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Mon 26 Nov 07 #1 


1. What makes a star’s fire burn:
(a) meteorite (b) other stars © fuel (d) sun rays

2. When a star runs out of fuel it:
(a) collapses and dies (b) joins another star © becomes fuel (d) shines

3. A black hole is created when a star:
(a) dies (b) joins another star © converts to fuel (d) illuminates inwardly.

4.Which scientist said gravity increases as objects get closer together:
(a) Madame Currie (b) Isaac Newton © Pasteur (d) Benjamin Franklin

5. The gravity of the star gets stronger as:
(a) collapsed layers fall closer and closer together (b) the sun pulls strongly © other stars join in (d) meteors bombard the black hole

6. What happens to the light around a star that dies:
(a) gravity increases (b) other stars join around the light © the light is pulled into the collapsed star (d) the light joins the sun

7. Name the scientist that study matter and energy in space:
(a) astronomer (b) astrophysicist © astrologist (d) nuclear physicist

8. Which book is not a science fact book:
(a) Galaxies by Michael George (b) How Far Is A Star by Sydney Craft Rosen © Quasars, Pulsars and Black Holes by Isaac Asimov
(d) Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy by Jay Williams and Raymond Abrashkin

9. A black hole is a place where:
(a) meteors have struck (b) a star without light © asteroids have knocked out all lights (d) light has returned to the sun.
ANSWER KEY: 1C 2A 3A 4B 5A 6C 7B 8D 9B

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Mon 26 Nov 07 #2 

Hope this can be used also.

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