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Mon 26 Nov 07 #1 

1. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in:
(a) 1660 (b) 1770 © 1795 (d) 1827

2. Where was Beethoven born:
(a) Bonn, Germany (b) Frankfort, Germany © Prague, Czech
(d) Southern Austria

3. Beethoven played which instrument(s):
(a) piano and fiddle (b) piano and violin © piano and clarinet
(d) piano and organ

4. When Beethoven was seventeen, a friend found:
(a) introduced him to his future wife
(b) introduced him to Straus
© found a publisher for his music
(d) followed him to the opera

5. Beethoven died in what year:
(a) 1887 (b) 1795 © 1827 (d) 1770

6. One day Beethoven heard buzzing sounds in his head:
(a) listening to the neighbors next door
(b) singing in the tub
© losing his hearing
(d) composing music

7. How did Beethoven work after he lost his hearing:
(a) dictated his music to a secretary
(b) worked at the musician’s club
© listened to the music in his head and wrote it down
(d) trusted his wife only

8. Which was not written by Beethoven:
(a) Moonlight Sonata (b) Symphony no. 6 and Symphony no.9
© The Storm (d) Messiah

9. Name the animated character who loves Beethoven:
(a) Schroeder (b) Batman © Lionel Luther (d) Superman
ANSWERS: 1B 2A 3B 4C 5C 6C 7C 8D 9A

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Mon 26 Nov 07 #2 

Hope this can be used, Caz or Count or Whomever.

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Mon 26 Nov 07 #3 

Hey Beauty

good info but it needs to have a common Q and to be formatted

leave it with us and i will ask one of the others what they think and get back to you love

thanks for the effort!

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Mon 26 Nov 07 #4 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

I think you're right there Cazza. Sorry Beauty, they just don't fit the format.

Answers on Factacular are taken from other facts. It's not possible to specify the incorrect answers for any given question.

All facts need to be of the form: X blah blah blah Y. For example, "Raging Bull was directed by Martin Scorcese". The question could then be "Who directed Raging Bull?" and the answers would be Martin Scorcese plus three directors from other facts.

Unfortunately, the answers to your questions aren't interchangeable, so they won't really fit the format. The same applies to your black hole facts. All very interesting though and I enjoyed reading them...

Does that make sense?

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Tue 27 Nov 07 #5 

Sometimes it is possible to pick an idea for a new subject out of suggestions like this one ...


What Important Incident Happened To?

Beethoven at 17 (or in year?) -- Found a publisher
John F Kennedy at 35 (that is a guess, not fact) -- Became President of the USA

Might be difficult?

Or maybe Fictional Music Tastes

Schroeder -- Beethoven


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Tue 27 Nov 07 #6 

Tea, are you on here tonight?

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Tue 27 Nov 07 #7 

I have a topic to add and I can't get the usual topic adding place to work for me! My computer screen is too big or something and it just doesn't let me view what I am typing in. I hope you don't mind me adding it here.


Fernand Point -- "Father of Novelle Cuisine" -- at age 26 established Restaurant de la Pyramide, an international gastronomic mecca

James Beard -- "Father of American Gastronomy" -- established the James Beard Cooking School in 1955 where he taught for 30 years and wrote numerous cookbooks

Auguste Escoffier -- exalted as Chevalier of Legion d'Honneur in 1920 -- Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany declared Escoffier Emperor of Germany but he was truly the Emperor of Chefs. His 3 most notable acheivements were the modernization of the menu, the art of cooking and the organization of the professional kitchen.

Julia Child -- Co-founder of American Institute of Wine and Food -- started L'ecole des Trois Gourmandes", a cooking school in 1951 with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle. In 1963 Child's TV show, "The French Chef" was a huge success and remained on the air for decades.

Ferran Adria -- considered the "Father of Modern Spanish Cuisine" -- his restaurant, El Bulli, in Roses, Spain, draws admirers from over the world,

Todd Gray -- Is altering the definition of American cuisine -- has created one of Washington, DC's premier restaurants

Patricia Yeo -- authored "Cooking From A to Z" -- famous for blending exotic asian, Meditteranean and Southwestern ingredients into unique delicacies

Thierry Blovet -- honored in 2000 with rank of Maitre Cuisine in France -- established world famous Cafe des Artistes in Puerto Vallarto

John Ash -- Internationally recognized North Californian chef -- specializing in wine counrty cuisine, he is author of several books including "From the Earth to the Table:John Ash's Wine Country Cuisine"

Sanjeen Kapoor -- THE top Indian chef -- an anchor of TV show "Khana Khazana" and author of several books such as "Celebration of Indian Cooking", "Khana Khazana" and "Best of Chinese Cooking"

Samuel Arnold -- Famous for blending Mexican, Indian and frontier American tastes -- his dishes have exotic names such as Moose Nose, Chicken Liver Volkswagen, and Rocky Mountain Oysters

Lucas Ndlovu -- Honored as one of Soutn Africa's 24 best chefs by the International Chaine de Rotisseurs -- he often shares his carefully and delicately prepared meals with poor children

Ming Tsai -- Renowned Chinese chef in Boston -- owns the East-West Fusion restaurant, Blue Ginger, and is anchor of the cooking show "East Meets West"

Antonio Carlucci -- opened first Italian food shop in Covent Garden in 1991 -- brought superb quality Italian food to London. Author of "Southwern Italian Feast"

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!! Source: BUZZLE.COM

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Tue 27 Nov 07 #8 

Hi, Tea, or caz, I left this entry here because I couldn't fit it in the regular page for somwe reason. I am hoping someone can enter it today. Thanks!

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Tue 27 Nov 07 #9 

I think you will find that Rodbox has already done it. Look for Famous Chefs in the search bit.

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Tue 27 Nov 07 #10 

Thank you, Tea! Have a good evening.

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