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Mon 30 Oct 06 #1 

First off, the revision thing is broken again. It doesn't show how many you have left. Additionally, it stays there after all the revisions are done, and simply displays a screen like "0 out of 0 revision correct" (or whatever.)

Now for the new things:

Is there a way to see what percentage is done for a specific category, like Geography or History?

In a related matter, can there be a ordered list of the percentages of categories completed, like

Flags (100%)
U.S. Open (75%)
Assassins (50%)
Albums (25%)
Australian Cricket (0%)


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Mon 30 Oct 06 #2 
Count Factacular
Fact Daddy

Hi Thirg

I've temporarily removed the revision counter because it was making the homepage take *ages* to load. I'll fix it again as soon as I get a chance (moving house to a new city this week so spare time is hard to come by!).

The others are both good ideas, will add them to my list.

Cheers Thirg

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Thu 2 Nov 06 #3 

Some more:
1. The bar showing percentage done seems to be broken when you actually click on the subject itself. It works fine from the category page.
2. Perhaps a list of upcoming revisions, to let us prepare? Although, I think mine would be huge :)

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