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Mon 24 Dec 18 #1 
Ruby Franks

Or happy whatever you're doing and however you wish to describe it.

I'm happy, everyone seems to have accepted something I initiated a couple of years ago, main meal this evening, free and easy couple of days to follow, and the weather forecast seems good enough for a walk down to the beach tomorrow - how many of the younger generations can I persuade that a swim is a really good idea?

Enjoy yours!

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Mon 24 Dec 18 #2 

Wishing you all peace at Christmas.  May you have a joyous and festive time if you are young in years or spirit; and for those of you with gaps around the table, may Christmas go gently for you.




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Tue 25 Dec 18 #3 

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.
Had family time this morning with lots of fun and laughter, Xmas brunch and now a little nap before Xmas dinner.

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Wed 26 Dec 18 #4 

Boxing Day here so its recovery time while watching the cricket. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, however you celebrate it. 

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