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Fri 9 Nov #1 
The Grumpinator

Seems to be the mantra of pseudo-intellectuals these days . If you disagree with them they rant about "show me peer reviewed data" .

As I am sure you know already a "peer" is an equal , so peer reviewed means I could show it to my brother and I would be fine .

If I caught him when he was sober .

So anybody got anything that needs peer reviewing ?

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Fri 9 Nov #2 
Bryn middleton

Really, not entirely sure you've understood the concept, Kev.  Basically, people aren't so much disagreeing with you as informing you that you're opinion is not based on any known rational, quantifiable source of data and is, instead, simply the product of your diseased mind.

However, my little seaside town has a pier I'd like you to review.  I don't think it's terribly good but then, I'm just a pseudo- intellectual...

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Sat 10 Nov #3 
Ruby Franks

My city's pier was bombed in WWII.

I'm peerless.

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Sat 10 Nov #4 

I am a peer to many - and many I am not peer to - for which I thanks God everyday 

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