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Thu 8 Nov 18 #1 
The Grumpinator

Yeah I know  you hate him , not too keen myself , but a "reporter" rowing with him ? Love him or hate him he is the leader of country , have some respect for the position if not the person . 

Looking forward to exlanations of why he is not worthy of respect , how the Russians got him the job etc etc .

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Sun 11 Nov 18 #2 

History has shown that dictators don't like their 'positions of power' threatened, hence the childish tantrum(p) that followed. It's about time this shameless excuse for a human being was brought to book. For someone alledgedly 'patriotic' about his money country he seems to have forgotten something....., The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances

But then the constitution isnt available on Twitter and has strange unfamiliar words he doesn't know like 'freedom' 'law' and respecting'



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Mon 12 Nov 18 #3 

I was disgusted at his behaviour in France. The utter disrespect he showed those who died fighting in WWI because it was raining!  Poor baby. 

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Mon 12 Nov 18 #4 

He was scared his colour would run :D 

But in all seriousness, did the reporter row with him or did he row with the reporter? 

Regardless of that, the problem is that his behaviour and attitudes encourage his supporters in racist and sexist acts that are not acceptable.  Witness the person who recently justified his assault of a woman with the reason that if it was OK for Trump it was OK for him to do it.


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Wed 21 Nov 18 #5 

People think anything is acceptable at the moment. Was out with friends for Halloween (not my idea) and while standing outside got drive-by paintball gun sprayed. My friend and I ducked, but the guy 3 feet away got hit in the eye. He was bleeding profusely, my friend is a nurse, we went and stopped the bleeding. A quick scan of the street: lively city holiday crowd, 98% white. Guess which 2% the shots were fired at? No point in calling CPD. Some officers are great (my good friend is one) but some will just shoot the person they see with the most pigment upon arrival. We were all just relieved that this time it wasn't real bullets.

Really hard topics to discuss.

I can't imagine being an American woman. My ******* cousin made derogatory comments about Dr. Ford, then tried to defend himself with "I'm fearful for my sons...". How about teaching your sons to not assault women? Doesn't seem extremely complicated. Of course he makes no mention of fear for raising his daughter under a president with zero respect for women. And he is posting all this on my elderly aunt's page (apparently respect for elders is also gone but I don't think that is a new thing). That cousin of mine is a successful, respected, educated person.  Christmas is always fun :). 

I posted in response to my cousin as civilly as I could and then deleted facebook. I'd rather keep good opinions of the people I no longer see day-to-day.

Bright side:

  • the absurdity and hilarity quotients are high every day. If your sense of humor runs a bit morbid - ++++. 
  • With all the polarizing opinions out there it is pretty easy to know who's ride or die and who's superfluous. 

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