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Sat 20 Oct 18 #1 
The Grumpinator

Not sure how it used to be , when men were men and sheep were worried , but covering USA race now qualifying .An hour beforehand telling us how wonderful Hamilton is ? not really impressed by him , he is good but as good as Schumacher ?  nah

Thing is you know one of 4 drivers will win the race , maybe make it out of 6 if Red Bull can get a break.

Money talks in F1 , lots of money. Williams and McClaren can testify to that. Only new teammaking any progress are Haas , who bought parts from everyone , not a home build car as used to be.

4 Red Bulls on the grid ?  Who allowed that ? How much cash changed hands ?

TV coverage has a lot to answer for as well , talking to us as though we had never seen a race before. I don't need to be told which is fastest tyre , I want to hear about engine configuration , exhaust routing etc etc 

Plenty more to talk about if anyone interested ?

PS , favourite driver at moment is Verstappen but can he get a winning drive ?


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Sun 21 Oct 18 #2 

Cant agree more if scumacher was driving Hamiltons car, just be how far would he win by! Senna even more so. If Vettel was in Mclaren he'd win. Now I only watch highlights

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