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Fri 14 Sep 18 #1 
The Grumpinator

Very long and interesting history but really began when Ernst Degner did a runner from East Germany , taking secrets that made Suzuki competitive . think they paid him with a can of Coke and some fries , he thought he was in Heaven . makes a change from stewed turnips for every meal.

Honda joined in with the CB450 in the mid 60's . reasonable size for a bike then and much more reliable than the dross made by UK and USA . then the CB750 arrived !! changed motorcycles forever . push button start, 4 cylinders and it almost handled !!

Even though the Triumoh Trident was actually faster , no-one believed it , not even me .

Yamaha had to get involved of course , can only make so many pianos before people get bored . a few nice little 2 strokes before they hit the big time with some monsters . TZ 750  was unreal to us then , huge power although I remember smiling as MV's overtook them down long straights , needed to be long for MV to get up to speed .Shame Yamaha never worked out how to get it round corners .

Kawasaki always outgunned by the other 3 but have made some nice fast bikes latterly , Z1 was the icon we all wanted.


Anybody showing interest I can talk all night about this , be warned


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Fri 14 Sep 18 #2 
jackson (online)

Well Kev I rode for most of my life but now that I'm old (68) and addled don't. My last bike was an oldish kz 1000 that was bored to 1300. Would go fast in a straight line. Have ridden hondas, kawasakis, suzukis, yamahas, a harley and a triumph. If I could afford to have one sitting in my garage it would be that 1970 bonneville but oh well. My favorites besides the triumph were the kawi and a yamaha 500 thumper that was very sturdy. To me anyway the harley was junk but they are vastly improved these days. Always wanted a Norton. loved bsa's. guess if someone gave me a ducati i wouldn't complain. bmw's are solid just not my thing.

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Sat 15 Sep 18 #3 
The Grumpinator

Ah , the old BSA , had one of them . A65 Firebird Scrambler . Got it as my first big bike , just as the Japs flooded the market .    What a heap of junk .  Sorry , maybe me being only 19 but no surprise UK bike industry folded shortly after .

Harleys I agree entirely , the new Indian is well thought of though .

Never owned a Kwacker , did ride my brothers GPZ 750 round Isle of Man , got as far as Cronk Y Voddy straight and he made me stop . I was getting too close to the hedges ??? 

Unfortunately I loved BMW's, my favourite bikes , could hustle them quite nicely when we have 70mph speed limit . Not that we ever stuck to it .

Isle of Man had no speed limits so needed something faster , hence the Fireblade . Lovely bikes , almost as comfortable as BMW and a lot quicker

I'm only 62 so got a few years yet if I can get my legs working properly .

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Mon 17 Sep 18 #4 

I quite like the look of the Scout Bobber. Nice & low but 245kg dry weight is way on the heavy side for me.
As a result of this thread hubby & I just took a little ride down memory lane/bush track. He's a big Harley fan & has a 2015 Fatboy at the moment but his all time favourite bikes were his Kawi GT 750 and a Yamaha TT 600 for the dirt. While I'm writing this he's rooting around in an enormous pile of photo albums looking for pics cause he can't find any on his computer.
For a long time Kawasaki & Yamaha seemed to have the edge over Suzuki & Honda for off-road bikes, in Australia at least. Certainly they were more popular. Honda & KTM are the top sellers these days.
There's probably less than 0.0000001% chance of it ever happening but I'd love to walk into my garage one day & see a V-star. Pretty unspectacular, I know, but managable for me. I like to keep things practicle even in my daydreams.

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Tue 2 Oct 18 #5 
Bright But Idle
Fact Daddy


In case you've never read it, I think you'd really enjoy Mat Oxley's book "Stealing Speed" about Kaaden/Degner/MZ/Suzuki.


You might have to go for the Kindle version as people take the p1ss with the price of 2nd hand copies. might explain why I couldn't find my copy the last time I looked for it!


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Tue 2 Oct 18 #6 
The Grumpinator

Ta Bright , read it already , very good .

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