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Wed 12 Sep 18 #1 
The Grumpinator

Latest advert on TV  (I know , I watch to much) is about Tough Guy series . First up was Bruce Willis ?

Who got his big break in a comedy "cop" series.

Then refused to fly after 9/11  ??

A tough guy ? really ?

Which leads me to why are "actors" paid so much ?

In Shakespeares time the were the lowest form of life .

Before that we had The Fool of the court

Not convinced they deserve the adulation for parroting some one elses words , even if they do throw a few mannerisms into the mix .

Not even going to start on the casting couch , although it is surprising how many "stars" were brought up in brothels .


Hopefully that will get you shouting and spitting .


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Thu 13 Sep 18 #2 

I totally agree and would add sports "stars" into the same category. They are great for entertainment and yes they should be paid a good wage for that but the amount they get compared to service workers like police, nurses and firefighters etc is obscene. The trouble is that movies and some sports make huge amounts of money, hence those involved are paid accordingly. In terms of fairness though it sucks.

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