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Sat 8 Sep 18 #1 
kevg (online)
The Grumpinator

Anybody else turn the sound down as soon as they appear ?

I miss the old Tango adverts , especially where the old lady exploded .


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Sat 8 Sep 18 #2 

Don't mind the sound of the adverts being louder 'cos it wakes me up when I nod off at stupid o'clock... but speaking of adverts... I swear that stay away from the water scary shit advert scarred me for life... no wonder I can't swim very well!

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Sat 8 Sep 18 #3 

I record a lot of tv that I watch so I just fast forward the ads.

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Sun 9 Sep 18 #4 

There's an advert on British TV at the moment for a car dealership.  It has no sound at all.  Trouble is, if you are reading (or playing Factacular) it makes you look up to see what has gone wrong with the telly.  Very clever.


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