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Mon 9 Jul 18 #1 

Roll up! Roll up!

The July Decathlon will begin on Monday July 16th. The rules are listed below. To take part, click on your Profile tab and in the left column click Tournament Settings.
Tick compete in Decathlon. Participants who played last month will already be signed up. You can remove yourself by removing the tick. You can sign up any time. If you sign up after the start you will receive challenges from that point forward.
Alternatively players wishing to take part in the Decathlon can sign up by indicating their interest in the Sign-up forum
Those who have opted to be included will be listed. If your name is on the list you don’t need to sign up again.

Decathlon Rules and Conditions
• The management (being the person/people running the current competition) reserves the right to refuse to accept a player in the competition at their discretion
• The decathlon will be played out of a single round (no qualifying round for the final)
• One brainoff from each of six different categories (e.g. Music, Science & Nature, Language etc.) will be sent each day for five days, a total of 30 challenges (3 from each of the 10 categories).
• Each Decathlon Brainoff will have 10 questions randomly chosen from the category
• Brainoffs will be sent every day from Monday to Friday inclusive. Players will have 48 hours to complete a challenge. Challenges will be sent out at approximately 8:00 am GMT (Give or take an hour or two)
• Scores will be posted in a dedicated thread. Updating the scoreboard is a manual process but scores will be updated at least twice each day, more often if possible. The winner is the person with the highest overall points total in the 30 brainoffs.
• In case the Factacular site hiccups, we will spring into action and resolve issues as soon as the site is up and running and continue with the competition. We do respectfully ask that everyone play their challenges as soon as possible after receiving them --- you will be less likely to be affected if the site goes down. We will only replay challenges if the site is down for more than 12 hours on the last day of a challenge. We will not replay for anyone letting the challenge time out or for minor site glitches.
•If you play a brainoff and fall through it without having any score posted – not even a 0 – and it won’t let you play, please let me know before the brainoff closes so I can reset the challenge. After it closes it is too late.
• Please send a private message to JMK if you encounter problems. The sooner you do this the more chance I can do something about it.
• Most importantly - have fun!

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Mon 9 Jul 18 #2 
Ruby Franks

I'm quite happy to do May's decathlon in July. Can we do one that I came first in for August?

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Mon 9 Jul 18 #3 

We also did the May Decathlon in June apparently because that's where I copied it from. 
All time travel requests will be considered - for a smal fee :) :)

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Mon 9 Jul 18 #4 

I'd like to time travel to the old question format for this one, everyone else can stay with the harder format though :)

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Tue 10 Jul 18 #5 
Helen McKenzie

Im all for an easy format lol

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Wed 11 Jul 18 #6 

ONE time I'd like to be first in anything

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Thu 12 Jul 18 #7 
The Grumpinator

yeah , go on , time to get back in practice

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Thu 19 Jul 18 #8 
Allan R. Matthes

nice to see you Kev

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