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Sat 7 Apr 18 #1 

Apropos the recent science tourney, I have a few updates and tweaks.

Updates to Atomic Numbers & Chemical Symbols.
The names have changed for Ununbium (112); Ununtrium (113); Ununpentium (115); Ununseptium (117) & Ununoctium (118). The new information is:

Atomic Numbers:
112 -- Copernicium -- This radioactive element can only be created in a laboratory. Has a half-life of 29 seconds.
113 -- Nihonium -- The process for manufacturing nihonium involves bombarding a quantity of americium with ions of calcium in a cyclotron. This produces moscovium which alpha decays rapidly into nihonium.
115 -- Moscovium -- A synthetic element created in 2003. Considered to probably be a post-transitional metal.
117 -- Tennessine -- Created by bombarding berkelium atoms with calcium ions.
118 -- Oganesson -- In order to produce three atoms of oganesson scientists bombarded californium atoms with calcium ions for 1,080 hours.

Chemical Symbols:
Cn -- Copernicium
Nh -- Nihonium
Mc -- Moscovium
Ts -- Tennessine
Og -- Oganesson

Element Groups:
Aluminium; Gallium; Indium; Tin; Thallium; Lead & Bismuth are listed as ‘Other Metal’. All 7 of these are actually Post-transition Metals.


Animal Infants:
There’s enough chickens & hens & pullets & chicks to fill a barnyard. Maybe whittle it down? Hen and Pullet are the only gender specific entries in the subject (apart from ‘Cow’ but this is a colloquial term for ‘cattle’) so maybe remove the 3 hen infant ones. Also, Seal Pup sounds cute, Chicken Chicken sounds like a clone.

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Mon 9 Apr 18 #2 

Updated the new elements.

Changed the Other Metals although they are still called Other Metals by some, have included that in the extra info.

Removed the hens and added the info to the chicken entry. The chicken -- chicken entry may be strange but is factually correct so have left it.

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Mon 9 Apr 18 #3 

That's just too weird for me to get my head round today

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Tue 10 Apr 18 #4 

Allow me to make it even weirder. You know that old "Which came first" question? Well, this fact makes it possible for someone to say "The chicken came first" and someone else to say "The chicken didn't come first" & both be right.

Thanks JMK  : )

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