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Tue 23 Jan 18 #1 

Academy Award for
Best Actor in a Leading Role
 Academy Award for
Best Actress in a Leading Role
 Academy Award for Best Picture
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
DogmanMax12500 chooky12500 Quiz300012250
Norseman8112500 Quiz300012500 Seve12213
Quiz300012500 Norseman8112451 Bright But Idle12031
Seve12428 Seve12363 Nemesis12000
jackson12366 Ruby Franks12250 Ruby Franks11929
bertie12252 Nemesis12210 Norseman8111857
chooky12250 jackson12151 rmcmanus11750
Nemesis12218 DogmanMax12000 DogmanMax11740
tallyho12047 Tazing11978 jackson11696
Bright But Idle12000 bertie11977 bertie11635
Ruby Franks11961 tallyho11863 Allan R. Matthes11528
Allan R. Matthes11753 Bright But Idle11750 chooky11521
Tazing11680 rmcmanus11714 Tazing11217
rmcmanus11500 sally90611599 tallyho11179
Helen McKenzie11022 Helen McKenzie11556 sally90611173
sally9061846 JMK11431 Helen McKenzie11080
JMK1750 Allan R. Matthes11284 JMK1500
Academy Award for
Best Supporting Actor
 Academy Award for
Best Supporting Actress
 Chick Flicks
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Seve12258 chooky12500 Quiz300012469
Quiz300012250 Quiz300012500 Bright But Idle12459
Bright But Idle12215 Seve12355 chooky12430
chooky12198 Norseman8112250 Norseman8112401
Nemesis12150 tallyho11784 Ruby Franks12250
DogmanMax12101 Ruby Franks11717 Tazing12179
Norseman8112000 Bright But Idle11715 Nemesis12146
Allan R. Matthes11776 rmcmanus11678 jackson12066
rmcmanus11750 Nemesis11610 tallyho12053
Ruby Franks11621 Allan R. Matthes11336 Seve11967
tallyho11425 jackson11184 DogmanMax11737
jackson11328 JMK11183 Allan R. Matthes11670
bertie11261 DogmanMax11161 rmcmanus11646
JMK11250 Tazing1965 Helen McKenzie11435
Helen McKenzie11204 Helen McKenzie1935 bertie11132
sally9061662 bertie1818 sally90611090
 sally9061500 JMK1833
Directors - Narrative Feature Films Film Stars - Female Film Stars - Male
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Quiz300012250 Bright But Idle12500 Bright But Idle12500
Norseman8111582 Quiz300012500 Norseman8112500
Nemesis11500 Ruby Franks12500 Quiz300012500
rmcmanus11405 chooky12438 rmcmanus12500
chooky11357 Norseman8112433 Ruby Franks12500
Bright But Idle11177 Seve12345 chooky12466
Ruby Franks11167 rmcmanus12292 Tazing12465
Seve11125 Tazing12250 Seve12460
DogmanMax1991 jackson12142 Nemesis12448
jackson1972 Allan R. Matthes12117 DogmanMax12218
tallyho1913 sally90611787 Allan R. Matthes12165
Helen McKenzie1841 bertie11774 jackson12139
bertie1800 Helen McKenzie11748 tallyho11634
Tazing1750 Nemesis11698 Helen McKenzie11532
JMK1613 tallyho11658 bertie11352
Allan R. Matthes1414 DogmanMax11478 sally90611143
sally9061250 JMK11034 JMK1910
Films - Alfred Hitchcock Films - Animated Films - Bette Davis
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
chooky12184 rmcmanus12127 Norseman8112000
Ruby Franks12116 Seve12108 chooky11969
Seve11724 Quiz300012000 Seve11798
Quiz300011687 Ruby Franks11908 bertie11265
Nemesis11467 chooky11894 Ruby Franks11191
Norseman8111390 Bright But Idle11827 jackson11104
DogmanMax11299 Norseman8111816 Quiz300011000
Allan R. Matthes11250 Nemesis11807 tallyho11000
bertie11042 tallyho11779 Allan R. Matthes1991
rmcmanus1969 Tazing11477 Nemesis1968
Tazing1903 bertie11186 DogmanMax1953
Bright But Idle1888 jackson11144 Bright But Idle1750
sally9061750 Helen McKenzie11034 JMK1706
jackson1656 sally9061896 Tazing1703
JMK1392 JMK1862 Helen McKenzie1509
Helen McKenzie1366 DogmanMax1857 rmcmanus1469
tallyho1250 Allan R. Matthes1639 sally90610
Films - Clint Eastwood Films - Dame Judi Dench Films - Last Lines
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
chooky12379 chooky12385 chooky12342
Seve12177 Ruby Franks12373 rmcmanus12141
Allan R. Matthes11771 bertie12361 Ruby Franks12140
Bright But Idle11750 Seve12189 Tazing12068
Norseman8111750 JMK12132 Allan R. Matthes11921
Quiz300011500 Bright But Idle11940 Quiz300011896
Nemesis11466 Quiz300011750 DogmanMax11894
Ruby Franks11458 jackson11722 Bright But Idle11834
DogmanMax11381 Tazing11718 Seve11828
bertie11189 rmcmanus11676 Norseman8111812
rmcmanus11169 DogmanMax11636 bertie11732
tallyho11154 Norseman8111469 jackson11715
sally90611000 Nemesis11463 Nemesis11549
Tazing1750 Helen McKenzie11268 tallyho11522
JMK1687 sally90611149 sally90611428
jackson1656 Allan R. Matthes1853 Helen McKenzie11272
Helen McKenzie1614 tallyho1639 JMK11091
Films - Missing Numbers Films - Settings Films - Sir Laurence Olivier
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
chooky12500 Quiz300012500 Seve12277
Norseman8112500 Nemesis12390 chooky12101
Ruby Franks12393 chooky12350 Quiz300011750
Seve12273 Allan R. Matthes12333 rmcmanus11750
Quiz300012250 Seve12291 Ruby Franks11707
Bright But Idle12129 bertie12154 Tazing11629
Nemesis12123 Bright But Idle12149 bertie11626
sally90612068 jackson12060 Bright But Idle11625
tallyho12000 tallyho12012 Nemesis11595
jackson11964 sally90612001 DogmanMax11531
bertie11886 Norseman8111962 jackson11373
JMK11750 DogmanMax11913 Helen McKenzie11262
rmcmanus11750 rmcmanus11750 Norseman8111156
DogmanMax11682 Ruby Franks11750 tallyho11156
Helen McKenzie11600 Tazing11557 Allan R. Matthes11138
Tazing11537 JMK11331 sally90611107
Allan R. Matthes11034 Helen McKenzie11013 JMK1677
Films Based On Books Golden Raspberry Award Winners Guy Flicks
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Bright But Idle11349 Norseman8112468 Bright But Idle12500
Quiz300011250 Seve12296 chooky12500
rmcmanus11218 Quiz300012250 Quiz300012500
tallyho11000 chooky12209 Norseman8112432
Helen McKenzie1900 Tazing12158 Ruby Franks12380
Ruby Franks1823 bertie11952 DogmanMax12326
Nemesis1718 jackson11841 Nemesis12307
Allan R. Matthes1702 Bright But Idle11834 Tazing12285
Seve1674 Ruby Franks11644 Seve12208
chooky1658 rmcmanus11622 bertie12187
sally9061657 Nemesis11574 rmcmanus12134
Norseman811651 sally90611492 jackson12074
DogmanMax1551 DogmanMax11289 tallyho11954
JMK1500 Helen McKenzie11170 JMK11938
bertie1450 Allan R. Matthes11127 Helen McKenzie11911
jackson1447 JMK1914 Allan R. Matthes11845
Tazing1250 tallyho1878 sally90611691
Match the Film to the War Movie Quotes Movie Villains
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Quiz300012250 Quiz300012500 Quiz300012250
Norseman8112119 Norseman8112219 Seve12223
Allan R. Matthes12059 Bright But Idle12157 chooky12220
bertie12016 Nemesis12118 Ruby Franks12035
jackson12016 Ruby Franks12000 Bright But Idle12000
DogmanMax12011 jackson11929 rmcmanus12000
Nemesis11953 chooky11916 Nemesis11963
Seve11949 rmcmanus11910 Tazing11914
Bright But Idle11711 bertie11899 Helen McKenzie11822
tallyho11674 Seve11788 Norseman8111764
chooky11646 DogmanMax11422 tallyho11717
Ruby Franks11646 JMK11388 bertie11327
sally90611243 Tazing11330 jackson11280
rmcmanus11219 Allan R. Matthes11203 DogmanMax11177
JMK11117 sally90611173 JMK11158
Tazing1906 Helen McKenzie1950 Allan R. Matthes1749
Helen McKenzie1642 tallyho1872 sally9061659
Popular Movies - 1980 - Present Popular Movies 1910 -1949 Popular Movies 1950 - 1979
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Bright But Idle12500 DogmanMax12089 Bright But Idle12500
Ruby Franks12469 Quiz300012000 DogmanMax12500
Norseman8112467 Ruby Franks11927 Nemesis12500
Nemesis12466 Seve11921 Norseman8112500
Tazing12328 Nemesis11635 Quiz300012500
Quiz300012250 Norseman8111590 bertie12469
rmcmanus12250 rmcmanus11432 Ruby Franks12460
chooky12136 Bright But Idle11391 chooky12432
bertie12028 Helen McKenzie11366 sally90612340
Helen McKenzie11979 tallyho11365 Seve12338
DogmanMax11917 jackson11306 rmcmanus12250
jackson11898 chooky11280 jackson12197
tallyho11817 Tazing11184 Allan R. Matthes11998
Seve11719 bertie11152 Tazing11823
sally90611157 Allan R. Matthes1986 tallyho11765
Allan R. Matthes11113 JMK1660 JMK11586
JMK11057 sally9061611 Helen McKenzie11546
Quotes by Filmmakers Sea Vessels in Films Songs in Films
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Seve11770 Seve12105 Norseman8112180
chooky11475 chooky11909 Seve11738
Nemesis1927 Bright But Idle11772 Quiz300011714
Bright But Idle1922 Ruby Franks11538 jackson11706
sally9061844 Quiz300011206 DogmanMax11467
Ruby Franks1801 Nemesis11176 tallyho11455
DogmanMax1795 tallyho11163 chooky11431
tallyho1713 bertie11049 Bright But Idle11294
Tazing1712 sally90611029 Ruby Franks11094
Norseman811708 Allan R. Matthes1980 Tazing11002
Allan R. Matthes1665 rmcmanus1963 Nemesis11000
JMK1663 DogmanMax1939 Helen McKenzie1997
jackson1553 Norseman811931 bertie1985
bertie1552 jackson1750 rmcmanus1920
Quiz30001500 Helen McKenzie1574 JMK1899
rmcmanus1250 JMK1500 sally9061755
Helen McKenzie10 Tazing1424 Allan R. Matthes1562

Overall Scores
Ruby Franks3055748
Bright But Idle3055169
Allan R. Matthes3039962
Helen McKenzie3034148

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Tue 23 Jan 18 #2 

Academy Award for
Best Actress in a Leading Role
 Academy Award for Best Picture Popular Movies - 1980 - Present
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Norseman81191 Quiz3000148 Bright But Idle193
Quiz3000191 Seve128 Quiz3000193
Seve156 Allan R. Matthes126 Seve193
Bright But Idle120 Ruby Franks119 Norseman81190
Allan R. Matthes118 Bright But Idle117 Nemesis188
jackson113 bertie16 rmcmanus160
Ruby Franks19 DogmanMax16 Ruby Franks136
Nemesis18 Nemesis15 DogmanMax15
bertie16 chooky13 Allan R. Matthes13
JMK15 jackson13 bertie13
sally90613 tallyho13 chooky13
tallyho13 Tazing13 jackson13
chooky12 Helen McKenzie11 JMK13
Helen McKenzie12 JMK11 sally90613
DogmanMax10 Norseman8111 Helen McKenzie11
rmcmanus10 rmcmanus11 tallyho11
 sally90610 Tazing11
Popular Movies 1910 -1949 Popular Movies 1950 - 1979
PlayerPScore PlayerPScore
Seve127 Bright But Idle199
Quiz3000114 DogmanMax199
DogmanMax16 Norseman81199
bertie11 Quiz3000199
Bright But Idle11 Ruby Franks199
chooky11 Seve199
Nemesis11 jackson163
Norseman8111 bertie160
rmcmanus11 chooky142
Ruby Franks11 Allan R. Matthes117
Allan R. Matthes10 Nemesis113
Helen McKenzie10 sally90617
jackson10 rmcmanus15
JMK10 Tazing15
sally90610 tallyho14
tallyho10 Helen McKenzie12
Tazing10 JMK12

Overall Scores
Bright But Idle5230
Ruby Franks5164
Allan R. Matthes564
Helen McKenzie56

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Wed 24 Jan 18 #3 
Helen McKenzie

It is only showing i played 11 games and not 12 but i cant find which one i have missed????

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Wed 24 Jan 18 #4 

It's ok, it is Quotes by Filmakers, It will show up tonight when I update.

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Thu 25 Jan 18 #5 
Helen McKenzie

Thanks JMK, i didnt think i had missed any.

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Sat 27 Jan 18 #6 

The Sea Vessels in Films brainoff comes up as 'view scores' but I haven't played yet. My profile doesn't show up on the played list either - not even a  "0"
Is there anything that you can do, JMK?

(I'd be ever so grateful & I'll never complain about murderous jerks again)


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Sat 27 Jan 18 #7 

I've reset it, play it asap.

I'll sort the score once you have played.

And never stop complaining about murderous jerks.

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Sat 27 Jan 18 #8 

Many thanks  xx
: )

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Sun 28 Jan 18 #9 

Congratulations to Chooky and well done to Quiz and Seve. In the rally congratulations to Quiz and Seve and well done to Norseman81.

The Kevvie starts on February 5th so start rounding up your teams. New teams and individuals welcome. Sign up here.

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Sun 28 Jan 18 #10 
Ruby Franks

Congratulations chooky and to everyone with podium places in both competitions.

Thank you very much JMK, I really enjoy the movie tournaments.

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Mon 29 Jan 18 #11 

Congratulations Chooky. A worthy winner!!

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Tue 30 Jan 18 #12 

Awesome compliment coming from the master. Thanks, Quiz!
Congrats to you & to Seve also. Massive rally scores too.

Round of applause for JMK for running the show.  : )

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