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Fri 1 Sep 17 #1 
The Grumpinator

Being a war buff I was scrolling through the BBBC site just to see what I could find.
I came across one of the most one sided left wing if not downright Communist appreciations I have ever seen about Vietnam.

Yes My Lai was bad , not even going to try and defend it.
Unacceptable face of war.

However, against that virtually the whole article is rubbish !

"employed guerrilla tactics and used the dense jungle as cover" 
So of course the Yanks used Agent Orange to defoliate
Surprisingly a huge outcry against such a thing , no doubt a bird died

"North Vietnamese fiercly loyal to their leaders" ?
Despite being conscripts and working long tours of duty , they don't say how long
For life ?

"Viet Cong ( who were virtually wiped out by Yanks) won hearts and minds by living
in villages and helping the people" ?
Rubbish , some Viet Cong did indeed live in villages but most lived off the villagers taking whatever they needed.

The famous tunnels , supposedly scared the Yanks to death ?
erm , not once they dropped bombs on an area , then moved in to finish them off

Perhaps the worst example was the Tet Offensive . Lovingly described as a great victory by BBC . In actual fact it virtually destroyed Viet Cong as a fighting force .

We've all seen the news report where the guy is shot by a soldier , gun to the head and BAM , blows his brains out . Nobody seems to now why he did that , except those who asked found the scumbag had just slaughtered his friends family , including children.

The US Embassy takeover was cited as a symbol of success , except that never happened.
It was attacked , by 19 Viets , of whom 17 died on the front lawn , 2 were taken prisoner.
Why let facts get in the way of a propaganda coup.

Incidentally , napalm , although a horrible weapon was not new , Greek Fire they called it in Archimedes day .

National Liberation Front , which consisted of South Vietnamese people, was another name used by Viet Cong , although this isn't made clear in the article . They talk about NLF as though they are a separate entity.

Black and white conscription also was lambasted . The terrible price paid by blacks etc etc
12% of those who died were black, population at that time was 11% black . ahem

Perhaps going to show it was all a joke they list France among countries opposed to the war ?

And this was the BBC ! Once respected the world over , now producing this drivel !

Oh , by the way , in case you didn't know , the Yanks actually won that war then were let down by Media and politicians . The Vietnamese sued for peace talks , then reneged on everything after the Yanks started to leave.

I think that may start a new war , your comments always laughed at , feel free.




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Fri 1 Sep 17 #2 

Presumably by 'Yanks' you mean 'Yanks, South Vietnamese, South Koreans, Thais, Australians, Philipinos & New Zealanders'?

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Sat 2 Sep 17 #3 
The Grumpinator

of course , just cos Yanks were leading the charge

Australians did well in their sector

NZ mainly in support with artillery

S Viets got their act together after early poor leadership

S. Koreans, Philippines and Thai's never hear much about what they did , I will check it out as you are so interested

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Sat 2 Sep 17 #4 
The Grumpinator


thought I should add a link to show article


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Mon 4 Sep 17 #5 

I knew the ANZACS were there, and the South Koreans and the Thai's, but hadn't heard about the Filipinos. Always interested to learn something new.  

Atrocities were done - we know - but documentaries should be balanced - this one obviously isn't. 

I have a good friend who still shakes when he hears a chopper - sometimes the damage is not physical 

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