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Mon 21 Aug 17 #1 
Ruby Franks

Hope those of you in the USA enjoy your eclipse, the weather forecast here is so gloomy I don't think I'll notice our partial.

Make a pinhole, impress the kids with the powers of low tech. Even better, if you know of a tree which gives dappled shade you'll find you have many natural pinholes.

Have fun.

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Mon 21 Aug 17 #2 

We always use my husband's old welding mask. The full-face helmet type suitable for arc welding. Goggles or glasses aren't suitable though - apparently they don't all have strong enough UV filters.

Australia doesn't get to see this one. Sadface.

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Tue 22 Aug 17 #3 

We don't get to see it in NZ this time either :(

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Thu 24 Aug 17 #4 


List for the next few years - start booking your holidays :)

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