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Tue 8 Aug 17 #1 

Upheaval is never a quiet thing. But neither is family necessity.

There is that sick feeling you wake up with one day when you realise you have to move heaven and earth in order to maintain one's familial responsibility. My daughter is having her fourth baby and the implications of that are overcoming her. She want's her parent's support. The answer from Java and jmaxg is obvious.

So, you get up one morning, realise your physical constitution is about to be tested, look ACTUAL priorities square in the face, deal with the mental problems, and GET ON WITH IT.

So for the last month or so, your beloved Java and jmaxg have been doing our job. We are now cheek by jowl with our daughter and will be proud to remain so.

Let's face it, when our daughter was away from us, she returned. When we were away from our daughter, we returned. Why fight it?

Anyway, Java and I will try to maintain our Factacular obligations when things get settled down.

Please be patient.

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Tue 8 Aug 17 #2 
Helen McKenzie

All the best to both you and Java

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Tue 8 Aug 17 #3 
Ruby Franks

Good luck with everything, best wishes to the whole family.

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Tue 8 Aug 17 #4 

All the best guys - new babies always a time of upheaval - is good to have support. Stay strong. 

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