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Sun 11 Jun 17 #1 
Ruby Franks

Nearly a year ago following the EU referendum result I was somewhat baffled by soundbite statements being issued by the press and politicians. I think I've got the hang of it now, just apply them to any political result in the hope of hushing those who ask what happens next:

We are where we are, electing means electing, the people have spoken, suck it up.

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Sun 18 Jun 17 #2 

Isn't this about Teresa May losing?

So bloody what!

To stay in power, she had to align her party with the Irish Nationalists.

I know that is an unholy alliance, but it's politics.

Does Teresa May now have power? Laughably, no.

But her office at Number 10 is really nice and she's not going to give it up.

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Sun 18 Jun 17 #3 

She's aligned, or in the process of aligning, with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), who are the opposite of the Irish Nationalists.  Since the full name of the Tory party is the "Conservative and Unionist Party" it's not that surprising.  Still unholy though.



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