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Fri 19 May 17 #1 
Helen McKenzie

My thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in the tragedy that struck Times Square, especially to the family of the young lady that was killed and to others that were injured. God bless you all.

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Fri 19 May 17 #2 

I've just seen this on the evening news. Horrible! In January there was a very similar incident where a 26 year old man under the influence of ice purposely drove at high speed down a footpath injuring dozens and killing 6 (including a 10 year old girl & a 3 month old baby).

At the moment the reports are saying that the Times Square incident isn't a terrorist related act although I can't see how that would be much comfort to the victims and their families. The news here says an 18 year old girl was killed. I feel so sad for her family and I hope with all my heart that all of the injured will make a full recovery.

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Fri 19 May 17 #3 

When I saw it on the news this morning my mind immediately went to the Melbourne event. Horrible!  A friend of mine works just off Times Square and immediately hopped on Facebook to say she was ok - she works in theatre and some of her staff were in a kiosk that sells last minute theatre tickets. It was very close to where the car stopped and the staff were very scared. 

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