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Mon 24 Apr 17 #1 
Java Jive

Arts & Literature Entertainment Geography
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
The Humperdincks69923 Alternative Facts611085 The Humperdincks611080
The Rubyhens69351 Bertie's Assets610446 The Rubyhens611073
Team Taylor Made68234 The Rubyhens610126 The Pierates610841
Alternative Facts67642 Team Taylor Made610002 Alternative Facts610830
The Pierates67195 Team Ontil69793 Bertie's Assets69566
Bertie's Assets67059 Pinky and the Brain69411 Team Taylor Made68761
Team Ontil66984 Red Eye Expresso69295 Red Eye Expresso68619
Red Eye Expresso66304 The Pierates69131 Lost and Found68460
Pinky and the Brain65174 The Humperdincks68476 Pinky and the Brain68167
Lost and Found64653 Lost and Found68432 Team Ontil66871
The ANZACS64522 The ANZACS67064 The ANZACS66647
History & Mythology Language Misc
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
The Rubyhens612107 The Humperdincks612747 Alternative Facts611414
Alternative Facts611944 The Rubyhens611557 The Rubyhens611257
The Humperdincks611859 Alternative Facts611432 The Humperdincks610526
Red Eye Expresso610187 Team Taylor Made611406 Bertie's Assets610501
Bertie's Assets610011 Bertie's Assets611092 Red Eye Expresso610148
Team Taylor Made69485 Red Eye Expresso610882 The Pierates69930
Team Ontil68914 The Pierates610449 Lost and Found69875
The Pierates68855 Pinky and the Brain69685 Pinky and the Brain69615
Lost and Found68797 Lost and Found69568 Team Taylor Made69510
Pinky and the Brain68242 Team Ontil69211 Team Ontil68864
The ANZACS67410 The ANZACS67946 The ANZACS67290
Movies Music Science & Nature
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
The Rubyhens612503 Bertie's Assets610261 The Pierates612682
Alternative Facts611062 The Humperdincks69494 Alternative Facts612049
Bertie's Assets610537 Team Taylor Made68607 Bertie's Assets611262
Team Taylor Made610500 The Pierates68216 Red Eye Expresso611254
The Pierates610191 Alternative Facts67874 The Humperdincks611235
Red Eye Expresso610119 Red Eye Expresso67855 The Rubyhens610915
Pinky and the Brain69914 The Rubyhens67825 Team Taylor Made610824
The Humperdincks69401 Pinky and the Brain67754 Lost and Found69587
Team Ontil67740 Team Ontil66674 The ANZACS69210
The ANZACS66857 Lost and Found65866 Team Ontil68570
Lost and Found66215 The ANZACS65262 Pinky and the Brain68358
Sports & Leisure
Alternative Facts610450
Team Taylor Made69993
The Pierates68729
The Humperdincks68690
Red Eye Expresso68077
The Rubyhens67836
Bertie's Assets67574
Pinky and the Brain66823
The ANZACS66767
Team Ontil66370
Lost and Found65396

Overall Scores - Day One Overall Scores - Day Two Overall Scores - Day Three
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
The Humperdincks1221353 The Humperdincks1223982 The Rubyhens1220608
Bertie's Assets1220272 Alternative Facts1223481 The Humperdincks1220449
The Rubyhens1219932 The Pierates1223131 Alternative Facts1219056
Alternative Facts1219818 The Rubyhens1222472 Team Taylor Made1217744
Team Taylor Made1218092 Bertie's Assets1222354 Bertie's Assets1217560
Red Eye Expresso1218042 Team Taylor Made1222230 The Pierates1217125
The Pierates1217071 Red Eye Expresso1222136 Red Eye Expresso1216452
Pinky and the Brain1215996 Lost and Found1219155 Team Ontil1215848
Team Ontil1215588 Pinky and the Brain1218043 Pinky and the Brain1214789
Lost and Found1214663 Team Ontil1217781 Lost and Found1214528
The ANZACS1212672 The ANZACS1217156 The ANZACS1211812
Overall Scores - Day Four Overall Scores - Day Five
TeamPScore TeamPScore
The Rubyhens1223576 Alternative Facts1221535
Alternative Facts1221892 Team Taylor Made1219995
The Pierates1221032 Bertie's Assets1218020
The Humperdincks1220481 The Rubyhens1217962
Bertie's Assets1220103 The Pierates1217860
Team Taylor Made1219261 Red Eye Expresso1217372
Red Eye Expresso1218738 The Humperdincks1217166
Pinky and the Brain1218081 Pinky and the Brain1216234
Lost and Found1214675 Team Ontil1216163
Team Ontil1214611 The ANZACS1213831
The ANZACS1213504 Lost and Found1213828

Alternative Facts 2 1 1 2 2 3 12
The Humperdincks 3 1 3 1 2 1 11
The Rubyhens 1 1 3 1 3 9
Bertie's Assets 1 2 1 4
The Pierates 1 1 1 3
Team Taylor Made 2 2

Tie Breaker Pie added. All scores are now FINAL

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Mon 24 Apr 17 #2 
Java Jive

Team Pursuit - Pie Served As At Day 5 After Tie Break

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Mon 24 Apr 17 #3 
Java Jive

Day 1 - Pie Served

Subject Pie Served

History & Mythology - The Rubyhens - 1

Music - Bertie's Assets - 1

Bonus Pie Served

1st Place - The Humperdincks - 3

2nd Place - Bertie's Assets - 2

3rd Place - The Rubyhens - 1

Day 2 - Pie Served

Subject Pie Served

Language - The Humperdincks - 1

Science & Nature - The Pierates - 1

Bonus Pie Served

1st Place - The Humperdincks - 3

2nd Place - Alternative Facts - 2

3rd Place - The Pierates - 1

Day 3 - Pie Served

Subject Pie Served

Arts & Literature - The Humperdincks - 1

Miscellaneous - Alternative Facts - 1

Bonus Pie Served

1st Place - The Rubyhens - 3

2nd Place - The Humperdincks - 2

3rd Place - Alternative Facts - 1

Day 4 - Pie Served

Subject Pie Served

Movies - The Rubyhens - 1

Geography - The Humperdincks - 1

Bonus Pie Served

1st Place - The Rubyhens - 3

2nd Place - Alternative Facts - 2

3rd Place - The Pierates - 1

Day 5 - Pie Served

Subject Pie Served

Entertainment - Alternative Facts - 1

Sports & Leisure - Alternative Facts - 1

Bonus Pie Served

1st Place - Alternative Facts - 3

2nd Place - Team Taylor Made - 2

3rd Place - Bertie's Assets - 1

Tie Breaker - Pie Served

Alternative Facts - 1

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Thu 27 Apr 17 #4 

As at Day 2, the flavour selection seems to be eclectic.

Alternative Facts seems to have drawn a blueberry.

Bertie's Assets hopefully like their gooseberry.

The Humperdincks should be satisfied with their BIG, FAT slice of lemon tart.

The Pierates have a lovely slice of key lime.

The Rubyhens have their choice slice of boysenberry.

The pie left seems to be a nice rhubarb/strawberry mix.

Actually, it is MS Access that apoints the colours randomly (I tried Excel and the colours were awful - they looked like machine parts) and Access usually does a good job in approximating pie flavours.

I'm not a fan of pie myself, but I admit to thinking those colours do look sort of tasty.

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Sat 29 Apr 17 #5 

This tournament is still up in the air folks. Any of the remaining 5 teams have the potential to upset the Day Five status quo.

This one may be going down to the wire.

There IS the possibility of a draw here so certain teams, they know who they are, be prepared for the tie-breaker brainoff condition to come into effect.

It will be 3 (THREE) 24 hour expiry RANDOM 20 (TWENTY) question brainoffs sent by FactacCupAdmin where the overall winner, the team with the highest cumulative total over all 3 (three) tie-breakers, will be awarded an additional piece of pie. So putting teams on notice.

BUT, we haven't got that stage yet so let's see what the remaining teams can do.

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Sun 30 Apr 17 #6 
Java Jive

A draw is declared between teams Alternative Facts and The Humperdincks.

3 (three) 20 question 24 hour expiry random brainoffs will now be sent to the above teams using FactaCupAdmin. The culmulative winner across all 3 (three) brainoffs will receive an additional piece of pie and will be declared the winner.

Tie Breaker 1

Tie Breaker 2

Tie Breaker 3


Alternative Facts - Cumulative Score - 20,140 points

The Humperdincks - Cumulative Score - 19,406 points

ALTERNATIVE FACTS is declared WINNER of Team Pusuit#6

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Sun 30 Apr 17 #7 
Helen McKenzie

Well Sally, i will put the icecream away again until the next offering of pie

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Sun 30 Apr 17 #8 

Congrats Nemesis and lindy (Alternative Facts) for taking the tie breaker and winning the tourney. Well done!!

Tough break saguingoira and gripweed9 (The Humperdincks). You'll be up there again next tourney...no doubt about it.

(734 points difference BTW - that's close over three 20 question brainoffs - very close)

Good stuff!

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Mon 1 May 17 #9 

There's plenty of pie to go round, so please tuck in If you're feeling peckish.

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Mon 1 May 17 #10 

LOL Helen :) We'll eat the ice cream and buy more next time :)  Thanks for being my partner :)

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Mon 1 May 17 #11 
Ruby Franks

Slightly miffed that those clever Humperdincks seem to have taken my favourite spinach pie from me.

Congratulations to Alternative Facts and Humperdincks for their first and second places and many thanks to my partner chooky for taking to us to a point where we may need to diet.

Java and jmaxg thanks to you for the tournament.

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Mon 1 May 17 #12 

Congratulations to Alternative Facts!!!!

That's the first time in a long time we've actually had to have a tie-breaker!

Until next time, thanks to everyone who participated.  Jmax and I enjoyed it all.



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Tue 2 May 17 #13 

Actually, in this tournament, we have never had a draw.

Now we have had it, I will say this......

DAMN, that's a lot of work!


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Tue 2 May 17 #14 
Helen McKenzie

Your welcome Sally, i enjoyed your company too

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