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Tue 21 Mar 17 #1 

For a start, Reddit.com discussions can be really rough! And they are pretty much split down the center with regards as to how good or bad a film this is. Now I have seen it in full 1080 glory, I am willing to, as it were, give my two bobs worth.


Straight up, I have never seen a Star Wars film that fits so neatly into the following film.

But more than that. It talks to the problem of replacing one regime with another and the inherent problem therein.

It also speaks to the feelings of so many of the "used" soldiers that did their job, yet wondered about the never occuring outcome.

We were introduced to a harder, darker Rebel Alliance. More aligned to Vietnam rather than the higher ideals. A brilliant touch.

And the idea of Gaylen Erso I found totally believable. He and Director Krennic grew up as friends. It took Gaylen some time before he realised his friend became an enemy due to his lovely wife, Mira.

The paths that took place afterwards I found perfect and explosive in a script sense.


MUCH complaints about the depiction of Governor Tarkin!

My opinion is much more grounded than that and speaks to if you wanted Peter Cushing to still be alive, then invent the undead.

But the portrayal of Peter Cushing, OBE, was pretty f*&cking close. Any complaint? The voice, not the CGI. I thought the voice was close, but not close enough. Really? You couldn't test one last guy?

BUT CGI Governor Tarkin was brilliant in my opinion.

CGI Battles

Awesome and with little "easter eggs".

But did it feel like Star Wars? Ya damn right it did!


Watching Rebel Alliance fighters experience a crisis of conscience is what we needed to see given the outlandish orders they received.

BUT, we also saw the amazing sacrifice in their battle. That's the part I hope everyone gets from this film.

Let us remember that children, in this environment, exprerienced fear every day of their lives and never knew a day of peace.

I think this film gave me a better idea of the mind-set that it takes to give your life to stop an unstoppable force and the reasons why.


I think it's a far better film than "The Force Awakens" and better than "The Empire Strikes Back".

I know that is sacrilege but then again, it is just my opinion.

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Tue 21 Mar 17 #2 

I have watched it five times already.

I like it because it tells me a story and does it brilliantly.

Just like the original Star Wars did 30 years ago.

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Tue 21 Mar 17 #3 

My problem with "The Force Awakens"?

The sequel better be better. That's all I will say.

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