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Mon 13 Mar 17 #1 
Java Jive

Alpha Stars Biblical Name Meanings Bundle Words
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Napoleon Washington23126 Napoleon Washington22265 Napoleon Washington24050
Mercury the Conqueror22588 Mercury the Conqueror22053 Mercury the Conqueror23635
Queen Wu Elizazetain21827 Abraham of Troy21832 Queen Wu Elizazetain22654
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21818 Queen Wu Elizazetain21647 Ballance Augustus22411
Ballance Augustus21744 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21557 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22201
Abraham of Troy2719 Ballance Augustus21033 Abraham of Troy21204
Chivalric Orders Dewey Decimal System --
Sub-category Overview
 Egyptian Pharaohs
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Napoleon Washington22848 Queen Wu Elizazetain22702 Ballance Augustus22843
Abraham of Troy22045 Mercury the Conqueror22368 Queen Wu Elizazetain22361
Mercury the Conqueror22035 Ballance Augustus21985 Napoleon Washington22250
Ballance Augustus21958 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21802 Abraham of Troy21934
Queen Wu Elizazetain21929 Napoleon Washington21466 Mercury the Conqueror21898
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21922 Abraham of Troy21250 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21527
English - Danish Fairy Tales Fallen Angels
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Napoleon Washington23318 Napoleon Washington22769 Mercury the Conqueror21741
Mercury the Conqueror23311 Queen Wu Elizazetain22583 Napoleon Washington21160
Ballance Augustus23150 Mercury the Conqueror22475 Abraham of Troy21156
Abraham of Troy23113 Ballance Augustus22021 Ballance Augustus21068
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin23015 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21966 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21062
Queen Wu Elizazetain22939 Abraham of Troy21469 Queen Wu Elizazetain2750
Famous Engineers Flags - Maritime Fruit and Vegetables - Family class
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Mercury the Conqueror23951 Napoleon Washington21750 Queen Wu Elizazetain22726
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin23874 Mercury the Conqueror21577 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22614
Queen Wu Elizazetain23546 Abraham of Troy21453 Napoleon Washington22613
Ballance Augustus23499 Queen Wu Elizazetain21435 Mercury the Conqueror22370
Abraham of Troy23470 Ballance Augustus2902 Ballance Augustus21573
Napoleon Washington23317 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin2460 Abraham of Troy21414
Herbs Human Hormones Independence Dates
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Queen Wu Elizazetain22668 Queen Wu Elizazetain22794 Napoleon Washington22760
Mercury the Conqueror21880 Mercury the Conqueror22773 Mercury the Conqueror22661
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21613 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22459 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22337
Napoleon Washington21563 Abraham of Troy22056 Queen Wu Elizazetain22002
Ballance Augustus2961 Napoleon Washington22022 Ballance Augustus21629
Abraham of Troy2541 Ballance Augustus21933 Abraham of Troy21399
Italian Chief Towns Italian Idioms and Proverbs Latin Verbs
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Mercury the Conqueror22422 Mercury the Conqueror22941 Napoleon Washington21997
Napoleon Washington21958 Napoleon Washington22885 Ballance Augustus21847
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21363 Queen Wu Elizazetain21989 Mercury the Conqueror21237
Abraham of Troy21258 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21842 Abraham of Troy21057
Ballance Augustus21153 Ballance Augustus21206 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin2962
Queen Wu Elizazetain21000 Abraham of Troy21107 Queen Wu Elizazetain2658
Mens Darts Players Nicknames Moonshining Terminology Name the Painter - Mannerism
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Mercury the Conqueror22445 Mercury the Conqueror23228 Mercury the Conqueror22912
Ballance Augustus21778 Napoleon Washington23168 Abraham of Troy21722
Abraham of Troy21500 Queen Wu Elizazetain22753 Napoleon Washington21352
Napoleon Washington21405 Abraham of Troy22426 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21173
Queen Wu Elizazetain21253 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22073 Queen Wu Elizazetain2924
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin2613 Ballance Augustus21791 Ballance Augustus2701
Palm Reading Papal Reigns Royal House Origins
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22585 Napoleon Washington22483 Napoleon Washington24350
Napoleon Washington22054 Queen Wu Elizazetain21953 Ballance Augustus23695
Mercury the Conqueror21453 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21813 Mercury the Conqueror23616
Ballance Augustus21444 Mercury the Conqueror21697 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin23314
Abraham of Troy21349 Ballance Augustus21128 Queen Wu Elizazetain23256
Queen Wu Elizazetain21185 Abraham of Troy2867 Abraham of Troy23006
Saturn Awards - Directors Semaphore Shrubs - Latin Names
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Napoleon Washington23159 Ballance Augustus21361 Queen Wu Elizazetain22320
Abraham of Troy23069 Mercury the Conqueror21327 Napoleon Washington21884
Mercury the Conqueror22753 Abraham of Troy21267 Mercury the Conqueror21781
Ballance Augustus22317 Napoleon Washington21210 Ballance Augustus21404
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21750 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin2932 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21372
Queen Wu Elizazetain21696 Queen Wu Elizazetain2885 Abraham of Troy21001
Speech Styles Turkish Phrases World Telescopes - Types
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Napoleon Washington24232 Napoleon Washington23083 Abraham of Troy22612
Queen Wu Elizazetain23220 Ballance Augustus22327 Mercury the Conqueror22390
Mercury the Conqueror23215 Mercury the Conqueror22028 Queen Wu Elizazetain22270
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin22813 Queen Wu Elizazetain21471 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21776
Ballance Augustus22553 Abraham of Troy21432 Ballance Augustus21773
Abraham of Troy22406 Queen Maryjohn of Curtin21327 Napoleon Washington21609

Overall Scores
Napoleon Washington6074106
Mercury the Conqueror6072761
Queen Wu Elizazetain6061396
Queen Maryjohn of Curtin6055935
Ballance Augustus6055188
Abraham of Troy6051134

All scores FINAL as at Friday, 17 March 2017, 19:37 hrs, UTC

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Tue 14 Mar 17 #2 

Holy Early-Bird Batman! Round One is over already?

I can't remember that ever happening before.

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Tue 14 Mar 17 #3 

It gets better.  Day two is already finished and I haven't even started drinking evening coffee.

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Thu 16 Mar 17 #4 
Java Jive

A suspected "drop-through" (malfunctioning or interrupted game) appears to have occurred relative to Day 3 Game 5. The score relative to player Quiz3000 (team Abraham of Troy) is not showing relative to that day, game and subject.

Under the circumstances, that player qualifies for a specific re-issue of that day and game's subject brainoff.

That will be issued shortly.

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Thu 16 Mar 17 #5 

I'm just trying to do the best I can so Seve will not want to avoid pairing up with me again!

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Thu 16 Mar 17 #6 

it's a pleasure having you as a partner tallyho.  I hope your looking forward to more abuse from the Jive.

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Thu 16 Mar 17 #7 
Java Jive

The above anomaly has been resolved and scores are back on track.

Many thanks to player Quiz3000 for the quick response.

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Fri 17 Mar 17 #8 


Thanks to all the participants for allowing me to put you through some mental torture.  There are a lot of subjects with a lot of facts that are waiting to be played and enjoyed.

Thanks to jmaxg for all the help behind the curtain ..... and the coffee.... deeply appreciate all you do.

Until next time, thanks and you can start drinking now.



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Fri 17 Mar 17 #9 

Congrats Napolian Washington for the win - some of those rounds might have well been written in Swahili for all the knowledge I had - but that is the point of this challenge!  

Thank you Chooky for being my assigned teammate:)

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Sat 18 Mar 17 #10 

Well done to team Napoleon Washington for first place!

May the doors of Valhalla open and bid you welcome for you are truly the Kings of the S&*t, as opposed to the S&*t of the Kings.

(that's a reference to an earlier incarnation of this tournament when I was particularly embarrassed, let alone my unfortunate partner of that time. All I can say about then, being the lowest scoring member of the Java Jive at that time and following Jives, getting the little scritchy bits of dirt out of the corners of the Halls of Valhalla took some effort)

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Sat 18 Mar 17 #11 

Congratulations to Napolean Washington, you truly know a lot about some weird things.

Thanks to my partner :)

Thanks to Java and jmax for all the work behind the scenes for making this the horrific tournament it is. Although I didn't hear anyone calling for the safe word this time.


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Sat 18 Mar 17 #12 
Helen McKenzie

Congrats to Napolean Washington for a great win.

Thanks to Quiz3000 for being my partner, we did well despite being at bottom of table.

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Sat 18 Mar 17 #13 

bertie, we did our best.

Fourth place, considering, is not so bad.

Thanks for being my partner.

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Sat 18 Mar 17 #14 
Ruby Franks

Thanks to everyone especially to my partner.

Sally!!! Please don't say that! Next time there may be a round on Swahili.

Great tournament, it has increased my comprehension of sado-masochism (see previous Java Jive), and in reference to other posts, I don't think it matters if sometimes 'easier' subjects come up, it only increases the bewilderment and WTFs in ensuing rounds.

Many thanks Java and jmaxg.

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Sat 18 Mar 17 #15 
Doctor Factenstein
Evil Genius

Likewise - thanks to the organisers. That was my first Jive and I enjoyed most of it (just don't ask me about telescopes).

Thanks Ruby - it was a pleasure.

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Sun 19 Mar 17 #16 

Considering the broad range of topics both myself and Helen equipped ourselves well. Here's to the next one!

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Sun 19 Mar 17 #17 

Congratulations Napoleon Washington. Thanks Java & jmaxg. Pleasure working with you Sally.    : )

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Mon 20 Mar 17 #18 

thanks partner! long time since i scored a legitimate zero!!

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