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Sat 4 Mar 17 #1 


Okay! With respect to cutting the cable cord, we now know of multiple sources that give any number of ways to watch programming without cable TV.

These involve using a device like Amazon Fire TV (or Amazon Fire stick) or similar and a broadband internet connection.

Samsung smart devices like Samsung smart TV's and Blu-ray players might also work but may restrict your choices. The reason why an Amazon device (like Fire TV or Fire Stick) might be preferrable is that the are compatible with secondary and installable software like "KODI".

So, what happens after you choose to decide? In our case:

1.  Access to recently released films.

NOTE - They are not always the best the best in format or display. "Rogue One" for instance has been thoroughly clamped down by the Disney folk. What there is out there is stoopid footage taken by people that filmed the movie with their smart phones while watching the movie! That's called "cam". "Dr. Strange" is another example. The blu-ray is currently on commercial offer BUT the version touted at 1080P is 720P at best so people do lie. BUT Java and I did watch a 1080P version of "SING!" this evening. It was crazy good, packed with songs and an emotional conclusion. Fully recommended.

2.  Access to normal channels.

NOTE - Everyone needs access to normal "free-to-air" channels eventually. But going to your secondary TV with the indoor antenna in these digital times only works when it feels like it (or when weather conditions allow). There are alternatives and some of them are free. It takes a while to dig, but they are there.

3.  Specialty Channels.

NOTE - Ok, so what if you (mmm, *burp) need access to "Rick and Morty" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Same with shows like "Friends" or "Seinfeld" or "Frasier", "Community" or "The Simpsons"? Yup.....*burp. Ya with me Morty?

4. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

NOTE - ALL great selections BUT it must be noted....if you have a 5.1 surround sound AVR set up complete with your five speakers and subwoofer, HULU is NOT your outlet because they only offer 2 channel stereo output - without exeption. Dolby Pro-Logic is fine, but DIRECT is better. On the other hand, NETFLIX and Amazon Prime BOTH default to 1080P vision and Dolby Digital audio output so your AVR system should still make the neighbours complain.

Plus HULU has ads unless you pay a higher rate whereas the other two services do not. Just my opinion but whoever worked out HULU's technology profile needs to be either shot or fired.

You have a lot of options in a "cable cut-off" world. But admittedly it requires experience. And a bit of "hit and miss".


Java and I have completely cut the cigarette lifeline with effect for two and a half years now.

We have, of course, taken up the alternative which is vaping. Vaping started when we stopped smoking and has continued to this day. What is vaping?

It's a MOD (Method Of Delivery) coupled with a liquid (known as an e-juice) that contains your preferred flavour and nicotine content.

The MOD is powered by a battery that heats a coil. That coil heats the e-juice to a point where it can be ingested as a vapour delivering both flavour and nicotine if that is what is required. The residual evaporates as opposed to actual cigarettes where the residual, remaining as a hydrocarbon, sticks to whatever it lands on.

The ONLY problems that Java and myself have found is the choosing of the MOD and the selection of the e-juice.

Most good MODs are under $100. E-juices are abundant and are cheap or expensive depending on where you look or how choosey your tastes are.

With MODs, you have to worry about how long their stand-by power is - just like a cell phone. 24 hours is good. 48 hours is better but more expensive. Also, some just plain look better - sort of like choosing a motorcycle - that may be a factor to some. That may mean more expense but not necessarily.

Also, I forgot to mention the "coil". The "coil" is what the battery or MOD uses to heat and vaporise the e-juice. Coils are replaceable but are subject to tailoring depending on the MOD. Some may be fully metal for example but others maybe like wicks that include cotton.. That type of coil is usually reserved for vapour lovers that like to produce huge plumes of vapour in exhale. Not mine and Java's cup of tea but nevertheless, it's a "thing" that people enjoy doing.

In any case, all Java and I want is a good source of e-juice where we feel the price is right, a constant source of replaceable coils, good and dependable MODs and everyone else to stay the hell out of our way and not judge us.

The other option of course is to go back to smoking. Java and I would prefer not to do that.


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Sat 25 Mar 17 #2 


Tonight? BOTH of our coils relative to our preferred tanks died.

Did we have backup tanks and coils? Yes.

That has never happened before but it goes to show it can happen.

What do you do about it? Simple.....have spares.......coils usually. E-juice definitely.

But the point is, if coils don't work then ya can't vape. If you are going to a store take your mod with you and test it with your newly purchased coils. It's just common sense as opposed to rocket science.

As for Australia? It is really devastating to hear of the unfair federal regulations relative to vaping.

I truly miss my country but GEEZ! Ya wanna tone it down a bit?

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Sat 25 Mar 17 #3 

Binge watching - seen from Season One of "The Big Bang Theory" through to?

As at Season 6, Java is starting to think that the metrosexuality of Rajesh Kootripally and I have something in common.

That I can take. But if she compared me to Dr. Sheldon Cooper? Oh, that's just nasty!

For those interested, binge watching six seasons of "The Big Bang Theory" has taken me roughly three weeks.

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