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Sun 26 Feb 17 #1 

Some updates. There may be more but these are the ones I've checked.

Australia -- Queen Elizabeth II / Sir Peter Cosgrove
Iran -- President Hussan Rouhani
Ireland -- President Michael D Higgins
Israel --  President Reuvin Rivlin
Netherlands -- King Willem-Alexander
Phillippines -- President Rodrigo Duarte
Russia -- President Vladimir Putin
Thailand -- King Maha Vajiralongkorn

If this is the wrong way to set things out could some kind person tell me so I can do it right next time.  (My dashes are different.)  Source is Wikipedia


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Sun 26 Feb 17 #2 

Thanks. The set up is fine, so long as there are 2 dashes between the parts of the question it works. 
I updated these and a few others I noticed were out of date.

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Mon 27 Feb 17 #3 

Thank you. : )


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