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Sat 25 Feb 17 #1 

It's great that to do something for a company and get paid for doing it.

But at the risk of being out of proportion, what happens if the guy you are paying for a week's work says "Thanks" and then leaves to find a box to spend the night in?

Does the company give a hoot? Not really. As long as the creep turns up and does his job, right?

The point is a valid one. Companies don't like to pay well. So what happens when what you pay can't even pay for a place to live let alone something to eat?

It used to be about Mums and their kids. Now it's becoming about everybody. The solution?

The Basic Income Supplement or Basic Income Baseline Proposal.

If you live under a certain level, then be paid by the government to live.

The alternative is to say "screw you" and take your own life. But for others that do not wish to kill themselves, a basic income may just turn out to be the boost they needed.

They might just qualify for an apartment in which their rent, utilities and sundries are LESS than their basic living allowance. They may even get to watch TV and enjoy an occasional treat.

They may even figure out a way to get further educated and employable. Heaven forbid!

I personally LOVE the idea and think that society has waited too long and let too many people die.

But can you imagine what might happen if even a half of the people on the street were given income and security and what they might be capable of? My mind boggles.

I think it's the way we are going due to evolutionary reasons. Having said that, countless homeless people will die before anything happens.

But, on first appraisal, I think the "basic income allowance" is the way to go.

I know it will be abused. But it is important to gauge the overall impact.

Ontario, Canada will be trying it this year.

Norway started it 3 years ago and is still doing it.

I hope it works. I think it's right. I think it's fair.

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Sat 25 Feb 17 #2 
Ruby Franks

In the UK there was a National Minimum Wage, and now there is the National Living Wage for the over-25s, with the 16-25s still getting the NMW. These are a legal requirement for employers to pay. People with family responsibilties still need tax credits. Some employers find ways of getting around it, but as you say, its a start.

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Sat 25 Feb 17 #3 

It's not about a minimum wage.

It's about being regarded as a human even if you live under a bridge and have no income at all.

What rights do they have?

Would such people, given a basic salary, see their way to improve themselves?

Maybe not, maybe so. But I'd like to see either way.

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