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Mon 23 Jan 17 #1 

Airlines of the World Aztec Gods Birthplaces
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Los dos gatos24365 Caca da Vaca24885 Sin Nombre23868
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja24285 Jumping Beans24249 Sin Muros23345
Jumping Beans24252 Sin Nombre23547 Jumping Beans23005
Caca da Vaca24221 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23535 Caca da Vaca22929
Sin Muros24215 Sin Muros23423 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22849
Recuerdos24163 Tore and Malinos23138 Los dos gatos22578
Sin Nombre24097 Recuerdos23104 Recuerdos22554
Tore and Malinos23880 Los dos gatos22550 Mexican Shuffle22489
Mexican Shuffle23865 Mexican Shuffle21849 Mujeres viejas grunon22123
Mujeres viejas grunon23851 Mujeres viejas grunon2952 Tore and Malinos21750
City Rivers Conversational Latin English - Spanish
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Sin Nombre24640 Sin Muros24639 Sin Muros24036
Caca da Vaca24608 Tore and Malinos24162 Sin Nombre23696
Jumping Beans24531 Caca da Vaca23707 Tore and Malinos23416
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja24423 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23668 Caca da Vaca23207
Tore and Malinos24369 Los dos gatos23492 Los dos gatos22923
Sin Muros23903 Jumping Beans23462 Jumping Beans22886
Los dos gatos23855 Sin Nombre23457 Recuerdos22434
Recuerdos23613 Recuerdos23250 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22321
Mexican Shuffle23400 Mexican Shuffle22403 Mexican Shuffle22071
Mujeres viejas grunon23288 Mujeres viejas grunon21764 Mujeres viejas grunon21800
Grammy Winners - Latin Albums Interesting Words International Boxing Hall of Fame
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Sin Muros23643 Caca da Vaca24720 Tore and Malinos23016
Sin Nombre23476 Tore and Malinos24680 Los dos gatos22755
Caca da Vaca23072 Los dos gatos24438 Jumping Beans22428
Jumping Beans22864 Jumping Beans24418 Sin Nombre22251
Mujeres viejas grunon22674 Recuerdos24133 Caca da Vaca22038
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22668 Sin Muros24132 Sin Muros21883
Los dos gatos22362 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23763 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21872
Tore and Malinos22356 Mujeres viejas grunon23423 Recuerdos21819
Mexican Shuffle22297 Sin Nombre23132 Mexican Shuffle21461
Recuerdos21888 Mexican Shuffle22907 Mujeres viejas grunon2704
Inventors Islands Latin Phrases
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Sin Nombre22430 Sin Nombre23949 Sin Muros24600
Caca da Vaca21952 Jumping Beans23733 Jumping Beans24218
Tore and Malinos21608 Caca da Vaca23679 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja24133
Jumping Beans21586 Sin Muros23677 Caca da Vaca24126
Sin Muros21509 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23607 Sin Nombre23762
Los dos gatos21462 Tore and Malinos23422 Los dos gatos23523
Mexican Shuffle21415 Mujeres viejas grunon23321 Tore and Malinos23369
Recuerdos21250 Mexican Shuffle23262 Recuerdos23343
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21124 Recuerdos23128 Mujeres viejas grunon23341
Mujeres viejas grunon2750 Los dos gatos22704 Mexican Shuffle23061
Manias Mexican State Capitals Movies of the 1980s
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Jumping Beans24419 Sin Muros24203 Jumping Beans23398
Sin Muros24125 Sin Nombre23518 Tore and Malinos23314
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23832 Tore and Malinos23208 Sin Nombre23275
Tore and Malinos23658 Jumping Beans22884 Los dos gatos23148
Caca da Vaca23615 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22809 Recuerdos22959
Sin Nombre23598 Los dos gatos22593 Sin Muros22766
Mujeres viejas grunon23236 Mexican Shuffle22567 Mexican Shuffle21991
Recuerdos23042 Caca da Vaca22565 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21802
Los dos gatos22748 Recuerdos22468 Caca da Vaca21148
Mexican Shuffle22731 Mujeres viejas grunon22122 Mujeres viejas grunon21107
Movies of the 1990s Museums of the World New Seven Wonders of the World
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Tore and Malinos23641 Sin Nombre24145 Jumping Beans25000
Los dos gatos22843 Caca da Vaca23118 Sin Muros25000
Sin Nombre22783 Jumping Beans23072 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja24951
Sin Muros22748 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22990 Sin Nombre24934
Jumping Beans22603 Recuerdos22947 Los dos gatos24869
Recuerdos22428 Mujeres viejas grunon22762 Caca da Vaca24515
Caca da Vaca22362 Sin Muros22649 Tore and Malinos24218
Mexican Shuffle22086 Los dos gatos22537 Mexican Shuffle24176
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21714 Tore and Malinos22338 Recuerdos24041
Mujeres viejas grunon21481 Mexican Shuffle22324 Mujeres viejas grunon22989
Nicknames - Female Planets of the Solar System Popular Movies - 1980 - Present
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Sin Muros24917 Sin Muros24154 Tore and Malinos24861
Sin Nombre24776 Jumping Beans23392 Jumping Beans24783
Jumping Beans24528 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23206 Los dos gatos24532
Caca da Vaca24507 Caca da Vaca23186 Sin Nombre24398
Tore and Malinos24193 Sin Nombre23141 Sin Muros24395
Mujeres viejas grunon23899 Los dos gatos22764 Caca da Vaca24217
Los dos gatos23617 Mexican Shuffle22746 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja24147
Recuerdos23439 Recuerdos22731 Recuerdos24129
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23092 Tore and Malinos22344 Mexican Shuffle23909
Mexican Shuffle23080 Mujeres viejas grunon21962 Mujeres viejas grunon23385
Popular Movies 1910 -1949 Popular Movies 1950 - 1979 Quotations
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Tore and Malinos23468 Tore and Malinos24930 Jumping Beans22215
Sin Nombre23401 Sin Nombre24918 Caca da Vaca21946
Sin Muros23267 Jumping Beans24736 Sin Muros21832
Recuerdos22793 Sin Muros24675 Sin Nombre21675
Caca da Vaca22764 Caca da Vaca24618 Mexican Shuffle21649
Mexican Shuffle22532 Recuerdos23361 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21621
Mujeres viejas grunon22496 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23359 Recuerdos21365
Jumping Beans22405 Mexican Shuffle23277 Mujeres viejas grunon21358
Los dos gatos21770 Los dos gatos23065 Tore and Malinos21078
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21522 Mujeres viejas grunon22951 Los dos gatos2927
Spanish Idioms and Proverbs Spanish used in English Tequila Terminology
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Tore and Malinos23343 Caca da Vaca25000 Sin Muros24366
Sin Muros23298 Los dos gatos25000 Caca da Vaca23741
Caca da Vaca23238 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja25000 Jumping Beans22992
Jumping Beans22833 Sin Muros25000 Sin Nombre22939
Sin Nombre22830 Sin Nombre25000 Tore and Malinos22765
Recuerdos22752 Tore and Malinos25000 Los dos gatos22492
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22589 Mexican Shuffle24967 Mujeres viejas grunon22124
Los dos gatos22512 Jumping Beans24958 Recuerdos21935
Mujeres viejas grunon22094 Recuerdos24719 Mexican Shuffle21742
Mexican Shuffle21789 Mujeres viejas grunon24500 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja21732
They Died in 2008 True or False World Leaders - Pictorial
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Jumping Beans23450 Sin Nombre23763 Caca da Vaca24136
Sin Nombre23274 Recuerdos23680 Jumping Beans24000
Tore and Malinos23094 Los dos gatos23500 Sin Nombre23870
Los dos gatos22970 Tore and Malinos23384 Tore and Malinos23638
Sin Muros22942 Sin Muros23250 Sin Muros23552
Caca da Vaca22909 Caca da Vaca22750 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja23417
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22438 Jumping Beans22750 Mexican Shuffle23160
Mujeres viejas grunon22213 Mujeres viejas grunon22673 Mujeres viejas grunon22600
Recuerdos22114 Mexican Shuffle22571 Recuerdos22598
Mexican Shuffle21976 Poncho Masters of Jajajaja22250 Los dos gatos22540

Overall Scores
Sin Muros60110144
Sin Nombre60108543
Jumping Beans60106050
Caca da Vaca60103479
Tore and Malinos60101641
Los dos gatos6091434
Poncho Masters of Jajajaja6090719
Mexican Shuffle6079753
Mujeres viejas grunon6073943

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Thu 26 Jan 17 #2 

Scores updated

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Fri 27 Jan 17 #3 

Scores updated

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Sun 29 Jan 17 #4 

FInal scores posted.
Congratulations to Sin Muros and well done to Sin Nombre abd Mexican Beans.

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Sun 29 Jan 17 #5 
Ruby Franks

Thank you JMK for organising a fun tournament. Thank you chooky for being a great partner, in the light of recent news maybe we should have called ourselves the Sin of Muros.

Congratulations to other podium places and to everyone who took part.

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Mon 30 Jan 17 #6 

Congratulations everyone. 

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Tue 31 Jan 17 #7 

enjoyed glad its back xxx

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