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Thu 1 Dec 16 #1 

I was reminded today of one of the most significant people in history.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (USN) was the person that told everybody "if I can do it, you can do it". And she was almost 50 years old when she did it.

What did she do? She wrote a program. She actually set up a series of on and offs, in a pattern, that achieved an objective.

My granddaughter is currently playing with the same method in order to create a game to keep her youngest brother occupied. My second youngest grandson is helping her. The reason? To stop the little son-of-a-bitch from destroying her bedroom and give him something else to do.

I like to write code in order to give Factacular members challenging tournaments and, as a consequence, keep them off the streets wreaking havoc.

It's just occured to me that my granddaughter and myself are both involved in the same exercise.

And both of us are indebted to the same person......Grace Hopper.....the creator of code.

It is within that spirit that I declare that I WILL NOT BE leaving Factacular.

I realised that I still have stuff to do. If nothing else me doing what I do may help my granddaughter do what she is hoping to do and both of us may help each other.

And in so doing, the spirit of Grace Hopper lives on.

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