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Wed 13 Apr 16 #1 
The Grumpinator

The old fool has spilt a bottle of wine over her computer. She will return unfortunately when the damn stuff dries out. Until then it's safe to come out and post hateful things about her. Drinking wine is a privilige not to be abused !!

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Wed 13 Apr 16 #2 

Have to have words with her about wasting wine.

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Tue 19 Apr 16 #3 

She must run a Windows computer.  Apple computers have inbuilt backup systems like:

1.  The WDRS - Wine Dribble Reduction System - Detects if you have mis-lipped your goblet and a robot arm extends from the Mac and lightly dabs your chin.

2.  The MWC&AS - Meat/Wine Comparison and Approval System - Detects the meal you are eating and the wine you are drinking.  If not compatible, a little robot appears and throws one or both out the window.

3.  The IHNIHTAW&NFCS - I Have No Idea How To Appreciate Wine and Need a Flash Card System - Detects the wine you are drinking and provides subtle knowledge tips like region of origin, type of wine, grape name, owner of the vineyard, last five generations of that owner, the wine taster and their last five generations verified by DNA.  It also monitors the pretentious crap associated with a wine discussion and electrically zaps you if you go off track.  Rated five stars by the Wine BS Association of the World (WBSAW) and the International Association of Pretentious Twits (IAPT).

4.  The YADGHS - You Are Drunk, Go Home System - Detects boring use of YouTube.com in a dinner party context which usually is indicative of a dinner guest way past their use by date. Warns of shutdown unless selections get more eclectic.  Owner of computer is the only one who knows the "continue" input code.  There is also an interface that counts yawns.

Apple also made the following game available specific to Australia:

WITCGG - Which Is The Colder Goonie Game - In order to mimic the hanging of the goonie off of the Hills Hoist game, a staple of the Australian barbeque.

Note:  Australians still manage to get drunk even when playing the game on the computer!

Wishing that our TABBYTOES will be back soon.  We miss her and love her.

"Drinking wine is a privilige not to be abused !!"

kevg? Spelling you nong!

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Tue 19 Apr 16 #4 

how much to sign up for the Wine drinking and computing course ....Australian style and the Java Coffee drinking and computing  (ADVANCED PLAYERS ONLY) .......glad to be back and love you too folks xxxx

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Thu 21 Apr 16 #5 

People ask, why do I do this?  I do it because it's fun to do.

And I make important people in my life laugh.

It doesn't happen often so I make a big deal when it does.

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