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Wed 2 May 07 #1 

X=answer Y = Refers to


Amede--Refers to a chocolate made in Italy
Callebau--Refers to a chocolate made in Belgium
Green & Black--Refers to a chocolate made in UK
Scharffen Berge--Refers to a chocolate made in US
Vench--Refers to a chocolate made in Italy
Valrhon--Refers to a chocolate made in France
Perugin--Refers to a chocolate made in Italy
Guittar--Refers to a chocolate made in US
Consuming Passion--Refers to a black comedy film about chocolates made from human flesh--BBC-1998
Mirmo--Refers to an anime series with main character heavily fond of chocolate
Sorcerer Hunter--Refers to a main character named Chocolate Misu--Anime TV series
Happiness--Refers to a video game by Windmill--Haruhi buys chocolates every Valentines Day
Chocolate City--Refers to a 1975 album by Parliament
Like Water for Chocolate--Refers to an album by Common
Hot Chocolate--Refers to a British pop band--“So You Win Again” (1977)
Chocolat--Refers to a 1999 novel by Joanne Harris
Switzerland--Refers to the highest chocolate consumption in the world--22lbs per person per year
Theobromine--Refers to the toxic chemical found in chocolate--Toxic to horses, dogs, cats, etc
Flavonal--Refers to the chocolate ingredient said to potentially treat diabetes and dementia--Harvard research
Caffeine--Refers to the mild stimulant in chocolate
Gallic acid--Refers to the chocolate ingredient possessing cardio protective properties
Stearic acid--Refers to the saturated fat in chocolate that may lower LDL cholesterol
Serotonin--Refers to the chemical released in the brain after eating chocolate--Produces feelings of pleasure
Conching--Refers to the process that determines smoothness in the making of chocolate
Chocolatier--Refers to one who finishes the untempered chocolate to create candies--Finished chocolate is called “couverture” chocolate
Fat--Refers to cocoa butter crystals
Forastero--Refers to the most common variety of cacao tree--Accounts for nearly 90% of the world's production of cacao beans
Criollo--Refers to the rarest and most prized cacao variety--Used by the world's best chocolate makers
Nibs--Refers to the basic product used for chocolate production--They are placed in a winnower following the roasting process
Conrad J. van Houten--Refers to the first to patent an inexpensive method for pressing the fat from roasted cacao beans--The process is called "Dutching" after van Houten's heritage
Henri Nestle--Refers to the inventor of powdered milk used to make milk chocolate--1867
Rudolphe Lindt--Refers to the inventor of a process called "conching"--Made chocolate more blendable
Phenylethylamine--Refers to the stimulant found in chocolate that improves alertness--Works on the brain's neurotransmitters
Phenolics--Refers to the chemicals found in chocolate that may help prevent heart disease--From recent research at the U of California-Davis
Midges--Refers to the insects that pollinate cacao--They have the fastest wing beat of any creature on earth at 1,000 beats/second
Cherelles--Refers to the small pods on a cacao tree--They die on the tree before they mature.
Trinitario--Refers to a cross between forastero and criollo cacao varieties--Developed in Trinidad

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Thu 3 May 07 #2 

Think there are too many different questions to make this viable in its present form

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Thu 3 May 07 #3 

OK. Let me work on this a bit later. I'll try to simplify.

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Thu 3 May 07 #4 

Thanks tazmox

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