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Tue 24 Sep 13 #1 
Java Jive

Ancient Characters Arteries Book Titles - Literary Sources
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Gorshin Tate23354 Izzard Candy23322 Izzard Candy21758
French Bhoy23217 Dawson Barker22636 Big Yin Jerry21742
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 23057 The Unknown Pryor22366 Gorshin Tate21549
Izzard Candy22961 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 22336 The Unknown Pryor21000
The Unknown Pryor22816 Robin Diller22170 Dawson Barker2963
Dawson Barker22320 Big Yin Jerry22090 French Bhoy2841
Big Yin Jerry22229 Gorshin Tate11608 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 2839
Tarbuck Ball21917 Miranda Dolphy11342 Tarbuck Ball1645
Miranda Dolphy11674 Tarbuck Ball11271 Miranda Dolphy1500
Robin Diller1750 French Bhoy11086 Robin Diller2500
Cookery Terms Dewey Decimal System - Generalities Fallen Angels
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
French Bhoy23675 Tarbuck Ball21803 Izzard Candy21976
Tarbuck Ball23662 Dawson Barker21750 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21773
The Unknown Pryor23456 Izzard Candy21719 Big Yin Jerry21680
Dawson Barker23361 Big Yin Jerry21330 Dawson Barker21500
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 23304 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21330 French Bhoy21250
Big Yin Jerry23067 The Unknown Pryor21250 Gorshin Tate21250
Gorshin Tate23037 Robin Diller11000 The Unknown Pryor21250
Izzard Candy22832 Miranda Dolphy1922 Miranda Dolphy1750
Miranda Dolphy12428 French Bhoy2857 Robin Diller2750
Robin Diller12184 Gorshin Tate1500 Tarbuck Ball1728
Fictional Bars Fictional Places in Literature Flags - World - Provinces
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Izzard Candy23292 Izzard Candy22822 Izzard Candy22384
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 22179 Dawson Barker22410 The Unknown Pryor21416
Dawson Barker21903 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 22062 Miranda Dolphy11373
Tarbuck Ball21479 Gorshin Tate11667 Robin Diller21167
French Bhoy21406 Robin Diller21374 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21110
Gorshin Tate21276 The Unknown Pryor21359 Big Yin Jerry2988
Robin Diller11250 Miranda Dolphy11250 Dawson Barker2845
The Unknown Pryor21250 Tarbuck Ball11221 Tarbuck Ball1760
Big Yin Jerry21234 Big Yin Jerry21163 Gorshin Tate1417
Miranda Dolphy11164 French Bhoy1868 French Bhoy1219
French Departmental Capitals Fruit and Vegetable Varieties Herbs and Spices - Latin Names
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
French Bhoy23610 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21946 Izzard Candy22538
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 23194 Izzard Candy21891 Robin Diller22202
Dawson Barker22750 The Unknown Pryor21881 Dawson Barker21955
Izzard Candy22258 French Bhoy21880 French Bhoy21857
Gorshin Tate22000 Tarbuck Ball21810 Big Yin Jerry21780
The Unknown Pryor21750 Gorshin Tate21421 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21759
Tarbuck Ball11543 Dawson Barker21337 The Unknown Pryor21750
Big Yin Jerry21428 Big Yin Jerry21309 Gorshin Tate21715
Miranda Dolphy11250 Robin Diller11000 Miranda Dolphy11218
Robin Diller2750 Miranda Dolphy1466 Tarbuck Ball1928
Irish Grand National Winners Latin Nouns - Declension Endings Mathematical Formulae
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Gorshin Tate22615 Big Yin Jerry21637 Izzard Candy23110
The Unknown Pryor22500 Izzard Candy21630 French Bhoy22429
Izzard Candy22120 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21290 Big Yin Jerry22194
French Bhoy21676 French Bhoy21133 Dawson Barker22166
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21383 Robin Diller11000 The Unknown Pryor21949
Big Yin Jerry21246 The Unknown Pryor21000 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21699
Dawson Barker21000 Gorshin Tate2907 Tarbuck Ball21448
Robin Diller21000 Miranda Dolphy1500 Gorshin Tate21233
Miranda Dolphy1638 Dawson Barker2466 Robin Diller11218
Tarbuck Ball1191 Tarbuck Ball2409 Miranda Dolphy1700
Motor Racing Circuits - Bends Name the Painter -
Post - Impressionist
 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Izzard Candy22485 Gorshin Tate22196 Robin Diller21964
Dawson Barker22363 Izzard Candy21852 Izzard Candy21892
Tarbuck Ball22264 Tarbuck Ball21777 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21844
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 22185 French Bhoy21664 The Unknown Pryor21707
French Bhoy22000 The Unknown Pryor21500 French Bhoy21588
The Unknown Pryor21708 Robin Diller11469 Big Yin Jerry21570
Miranda Dolphy11500 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21423 Gorshin Tate2641
Big Yin Jerry21386 Dawson Barker21322 Tarbuck Ball1519
Robin Diller11000 Miranda Dolphy11000 Dawson Barker2500
Gorshin Tate1426 Big Yin Jerry2851 Miranda Dolphy1469
Opera Comique Original Native American Tribal Names Paintings II
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Tarbuck Ball22060 Izzard Candy22986 Izzard Candy22209
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21673 The Unknown Pryor22432 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21807
The Unknown Pryor21649 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 22152 Gorshin Tate21320
Gorshin Tate21378 Big Yin Jerry21916 French Bhoy21135
Dawson Barker21196 Dawson Barker21907 Tarbuck Ball1948
Izzard Candy21120 French Bhoy11750 The Unknown Pryor2750
Robin Diller11000 Tarbuck Ball11553 Miranda Dolphy1718
French Bhoy2716 Robin Diller11500 Robin Diller2714
Big Yin Jerry2500 Gorshin Tate11000 Big Yin Jerry2709
Miranda Dolphy1500 Miranda Dolphy11000 Dawson Barker2671
S - Phrases Saturn Awards - Directors Sounds of the 1940s
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Izzard Candy22063 Izzard Candy24043 Izzard Candy22545
The Unknown Pryor21500 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 23227 Robin Diller22250
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21453 Dawson Barker22822 Dawson Barker22000
Gorshin Tate21181 Robin Diller22606 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21576
French Bhoy21065 The Unknown Pryor22019 French Bhoy21500
Dawson Barker21000 Big Yin Jerry21774 Gorshin Tate21414
Big Yin Jerry2799 Miranda Dolphy11666 Big Yin Jerry21177
Miranda Dolphy1750 Gorshin Tate11339 The Unknown Pryor2953
Tarbuck Ball2750 Tarbuck Ball1868 Miranda Dolphy1750
Robin Diller1500 French Bhoy1500 Tarbuck Ball1654
Strange Place Names UK Prime Ministers Pictorial Visigoth Kings
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Izzard Candy22270 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 23511 Izzard Candy22628
Dawson Barker21910 Gorshin Tate22536 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 22170
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21737 The Unknown Pryor22427 The Unknown Pryor21750
French Bhoy21500 Dawson Barker22426 Big Yin Jerry21000
Robin Diller21463 Izzard Candy22285 Miranda Dolphy1965
The Unknown Pryor21250 Robin Diller21718 French Bhoy2911
Big Yin Jerry21169 French Bhoy21335 Tarbuck Ball2750
Miranda Dolphy1709 Tarbuck Ball1946 Robin Diller1500
Gorshin Tate2684 Big Yin Jerry2807 Gorshin Tate2413
Tarbuck Ball1208 Miranda Dolphy1750 Dawson Barker20
Wine Appellations - France World Leaders - Pictorial World War II Vehicle Designation
TeamPScore TeamPScore TeamPScore
Izzard Candy23043 Izzard Candy23446 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21087
Robin Diller21910 Gorshin Tate23374 Tarbuck Ball11083
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 21734 The Unknown Pryor23175 Robin Diller2908
Big Yin Jerry21297 I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 23035 The Unknown Pryor2893
The Unknown Pryor21250 Dawson Barker22891 Izzard Candy2716
French Bhoy11179 Robin Diller22863 Gorshin Tate2626
Dawson Barker21000 French Bhoy22777 French Bhoy2572
Gorshin Tate11000 Tarbuck Ball11783 Miranda Dolphy1465
Miranda Dolphy11000 Big Yin Jerry21694 Big Yin Jerry2355
Tarbuck Ball1750 Miranda Dolphy11179 Dawson Barker20

Overall Scores
Izzard Candy6072196
I M Jolly Reverend Bruce 6059875
The Unknown Pryor6051956
Dawson Barker6049370
French Bhoy5446196
Gorshin Tate5244077
Big Yin Jerry6042121
Robin Diller4740680
Tarbuck Ball4236728
Miranda Dolphy3029596

ALL Scores are FINAL.

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Sat 28 Sep 13 #2 
The Grumpinator

c'mon Lucy, could be a podium here !!

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Mon 30 Sep 13 #3 

!!!!Congratulations to Izzard Candy!!!!

This was the first time that JMK and I played as a team and it was wonderful ..... okay there was a little bit of silent self-torture as well.  We enjoyed ourselves and look forward to the next Jive.

Many thanks to to jmaxg for his masterful work behind the scenes, sending challenges and collecting scores while I was either at work or sleep.  Thanks to my Partner in Crime - can't do this without you.

And many, many thanks to all the participants who walk away wounded but still standing!!!



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Mon 30 Sep 13 #4 

Lost my partner for a set of challenges but the torture was exquisite.


Thanks jmax.

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Mon 30 Sep 13 #5 

I think I lost my partner somewhere..

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Mon 30 Sep 13 #6 
The Grumpinator

Anyone seen Lucy, I think she fell over somewhere.

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