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22 facts:

An Acronym
An Abbreviation Formed from the Initial Letters of a Series of Words
An Anagram
A Word, Phrase, or Sentence Formed from Another by Rearranging Its Letters
"Angel" is an anagram of "glean".
An Antonym
Either of a Pair or Words That Have Opposite Meanings
Slow and fast
An Aptronym
A Name That Matches Its Owner’s Occupation or Character
Hairdresser Dan Druff
An Auto-antonym
A Word That is the Opposite of Itself
Bolt = secure in place, Bolt = To dash away suddenly
An Autonym
A Person’s Real Name
The opposite of pseudonym
An Exonym
A Place Name Used by Foreigners That Differs from the Native Name
“Londres” is the French exonym for “London”
A Heteronym
Word That Has the Same Spelling As Another but With Different Pronunciation
Excuse, polish, minute, wind
A Malapropism
The Use of a Word in Mistake for One Sounding Similar Often for Comic Effect
“He’s a wolf in cheap clothing.”
A Matronym
A Name Derived from the Name of One’s Mother
A Mondegreen
A Word or Phrase Being Misheard
There's a bad moon on the rise VS There's a bathroom on the right
An Oronym
A String of Words Which is Homophonic With Another
Like "i scream" and "ice cream". Or uranus...
An Oxymoron
Conjoining Contradictory Terms
As in "deafening silence".
A Palindrome
A Word, Line, Verse, Sentence, Etc That Reads the Same Backward As Forward
"Madam, I'm Adam" is a palindrome
A Pangram
A Sentence That Uses Every Letter of the Alphabet
“The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.”
A Patronym
A Name Derived from the Name of One’s Father
A Pleonasm
The Use of More Words Than Necessary
Could you repeat that
A Pseudonym
An Assumed Name
A Spoonerism
A Transposition of Initial Sounds of 2 or More Words
“Let me sew you to your sheet,” is a spoonerism
A Tautonym
A Word Composed of Two Identical Parts
Pawpaw, yo-yo, tutu, etc
A Tom Swifty
A Phrase in Which a Quoted Sentence is Linked to a Pun
“I may as well be dead,” Tom croaked.
A Toponym
A Word Derived from a Place Name
"Cashmere" from "Kashmir" in India

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