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U.S. Battleships

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45 facts:

U.S.S. Alabama
Preserved in Battleship Park, Mobile
Commissioned Aug. 1942 -- BB-60.
U.S.S. Arizona
Sunk at Pearl Harbor
Commissioned Oct 1916 -- BB-39
U.S.S. Arkansas
Supported the Normandy Invasion.
Commissioned Sept. 1912 -- BB-33
U.S.S. California
Fire Support at Battle of Okinawa
Commissioned Aug. 1921 -- BB-44
U.S.S. Colorado
Fire Support at Battle of Tarawa
Commissioned Aug. 1923 -- BB-45
U.S.S. Connecticut
Part of the Great White Fleet
Commissioned Sept. 1906 -- BB-18
U.S.S. Delaware
Convoy Duty During WWI
Commissioned April 1910 -- BB-28
U.S.S. Florida
Duty With British Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow WWI
Commissioned Sept. 1911 --BB-30
U.S.S. Georgia
Cruiser Force Atlantic WWI
Commissioned Sept. 1906 -- BB-15
U.S.S. Idaho
Fire Support for the Battle of Iwo Jima
Commissioned March 1919 -- BB-42
U.S.S. Illinois
Assisted Italy After the Scilian Earthquake of 1909
Commissioned Sept. 1091 -- BB-7
U.S.S. Indiana
Fought in the Battle of the Philippine Sea
Commissioned April 1942 -- BB-58
U.S.S. Iowa
Admiral Halsey's Flagship for Formal Japanese Surrender in Sept. 1945
Commissioned Feb. 1943 -- BB-61
U.S.S. Kansas
Training Ship WWI
Commissoned April 1907 -- BB-21
U.S.S. Kentucky
Part of the Great White Fleet
Commissioned May 1900 -- BB-6
U.S.S. Louisiana
Training Ship and Escort Duty in WWI
Commissioned June 1906 -- BB-19
U.S.S. Maine
Replacement Battleship for the One Sunk in Havana Harbor at Start of Spanish American War
Commissioned Dec. 1902 -- BB-10
U.S.S. Maryland
Present at Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941
Commissioned July 1921 -- BB-46 --
U.S.S. Massachusetts
Earned 11 Battle Stars for Service in WWII
Commissoned May 1942 -- BB-59 --
U.S.S. Missouri
Fought in WWII, Korea and Gulf War
Commissioned June 1944 -- BB-63 --
U.S.S. Montana
The Only State Never to Have Had a Ship Named After It.
U.S.S. Nebraska
Duty With U.S. Atlantic Fleet
Commissoned July 1907 -- BB-14
U.S.S. Nevada
7 Battle Stars for WWII Service
Commissoned March 1916 -- BB-36
U.S.S. New Hampshire
Flagship for Special Naval Task Force to Haiti 1921
Commissioned March 1908 -- BB-25
U.S.S. New Jersey
19 Battle Stars for Service in WWII, Korea and Vietnam
Commissioned May 1943 -- BB-62
U.S.S. New Mexico
Participated in the Battle of Attu and Kiska
Commissioned May 1918 -- BB-40
U.S.S. New York
Present at the Surrender of the German High Seas Fleet, Nov. 1918
Commissioned April 1914 -- BB-34
U.S.S. North Carolina
Helped Land Marines at Guadalcanal
Commissioned April 1941 -- BB-55
U.S.S. North Dakota
6 Crewman Awarded Medal of Honor for Actions in Sept. 1910 Fire
Commisioned April 1910 -- BB-29
U.S.S. Ohio
Flagship of the Asiatic Fleet
Commissioned Oct. 1904 -- BB-12
U.S.S. Oklahoma
Capsized at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
Commissioned May 1916 -- BB-37
U.S.S. Oregon
Made 14,000 Mile Journey in 66 Days
Commissioned July 1896 -- BB-3
U.S.S. Pennsylvania
Used As Target Ship in Atomic Bomb Tests, Bikini Atoll
Commissioned June 1916 -- BB-38
U.S.S. Rhode Island
Part of the Great White Fleet
Commissioned Feb. 1907 -- BB-17
U.S.S South Carolina
Patrolled East Coast of U.S. During WWI
Commissioned March 1910 -- BB-26
U.S.S. South Dakota
13 Battle Stars for WWII Service
Commissioned March 1942 -- BB-57
U.S.S. Tennessee
Attacked at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
Commissioned June 1920 -- BB-43
U.S.S. Texas
Convoy Duty During WWII
Commissioned March 1914 -- BB-35
U.S.S. Utah
Attacked and Sunk at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
Commissioned August 1911 -- BB-31
U.S.S. Vermont
Troop Transport WWI
Commissioned March 1904 -- BB-20
U.S.S. Virginia
Sunk on Purpose by Navy to Demonstrate Air Power, September 1923
Commissioned May 1906 -- BB-13
U.S.S. Washington
The Evergreen State
Commissioned May 1941 -- BB-47 -- Only American battleship to sink another battleship in WWII.
U.S.S. West Virginia
The Mountain State
Commissioned December 1923 -- BB-48 -- Took 6 torpedo hits at Pearl Harbor, present at Japanese surrender, September 1945.
U.S.S. Wisconsin
Served in WWII, Korea and Gulf War
Commissioned December 1943 -- BB-64
U.S.S. Wyoming
Gunnery Training Ship in WWII
Commissioned September 1912 -- BB-32

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