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Antonine Plague
   occurred in   
Death toll approx 5 million. A devastating epidemic that made a major contribution to the decline of the Roman Empire. This deadly disease raged for 15 years, from 165 to 180, wiping out up to one third of the population in many areas
Black Death
   occurred in   
Resulted in 75 - 100 million deaths, including at least a third of Europe.
First Asian Flu Pandemic (China Origin)
   occurred in   
Worldwide deaths from the outbreak were estimated at around two million.
   occurred in   
Since its discovery, HIV/AIDS has caused between 25 and 30 million deaths.
Last Plague Pandemic
   occurred in   
This last great bubonic plague epidemic was responsible for more than 12 million deaths.
Native American Smallpox/Measles/Typhus
   occurred in   
Approx 90 -95% of the population were wiped out
Plague of Justinian
   occurred in   
The plague’s final death toll is estimated to have been 25 million people in Europe and Asia.
Spanish Flu
   occurred in   
Killed approx 75 million people
Third Cholera Pandemic
   occurred in   
The infection spread from India to Afghanistan in 1839 There were sporadic outbreaks over the next 6 years before it reappeared in India & the Middle East in 1845. It spread to Russia, where it is estimated that it caused at least a million deaths. And by 1848 it had hit Europe. In 1854, more than 23,000 died in Britain alone.
Thirty Years’ War Typhus/Plague Epidemic
   occurred in   
It is estimated that around 8 million Germans died either from typhus or bubonic plague during the war.

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