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The Howdy Doody Show

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17 facts:

Buffalo Bob Smith
The Show's Host
Chief Thunderthud
The Head of the Ooragnak Tribe
The Clown
Cornelius Cobb
The Owner of the General Store
Dilly Dally
The Carpenter
Double Doody
Howdy Doody’s Twin Brother
The Electromindomizer
A Machine That Could Read Minds
A Character Made up of Eight Different Animals
A duck's bill a cat's whiskers a spaniel's ears a giraffe's neck a dachshund's body a seal's flippers a pig's tail and an elephant's memory)
Hector Hancock
One of Phineas’ Triplet Brothers
Heidi Doody
Howdy Doody’s Sister
A Machine That Translated Mother Goose Honks Into English
Howdy Doody
The Show's Main Character
John J Fadoozle
America’s Number One Private Eye
Peanut Gallery
The Audience
Phineas T Bluster
The Mayor
A Witch
Summerfall Winterspring
Princess of the Fictional Tinka Tonka Tribe

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