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Sultans of the Ottoman Empire

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36 facts:

Abdülaziz I
   ruled from   
1861 - 1876
Abdülaziz was deposed by his ministers on May 30, 1876. His death was ruled as a suicide although it is not clear how he managed to get scissors and cut both of his wrists at once.
Abdülhamid I
   ruled from   
1774 - 1789
Abdülhamid was imprisoned for most of the first forty-two years of his life by his cousins Mahmud I and Osman III and his older brother Mustafa III, as was custom.
Abdülhamid II
   ruled from   
1876 - 1909
Abdülhamid II was the last Ottoman Sultan to rule with absolute power.
Abdülmecid I
   ruled from   
1839 - 1861
His reign was notable for the rise of nationalist movements within the empire's territories.
Ahmed I
   ruled from   
1603 - 1617
Nicknamed "The Fortunate". Known for his skills in fencing, poetry, horseback riding and fluency in five languages.
Ahmed II
   ruled from   
1691 - 1695
Nicknamed "The Warrior Prince".
Ahmed III
   ruled from   
1703 - 1730
Deposed in consequence of the Janissary rebellion led by Patrona Halil.
Bayezid I
   ruled from   
1389 - 1402
Nicknamed "The Thunderbolt" Captured on the battle field a the Battle of Ankara. Died in captivity in 1403.
Bayezid II
   ruled from   
1481 - 1512
Nicknamed "The Saint". Abdicated.
Ibrahim I
   ruled from   
1640 - 1648
Nicknamed "The Arrage". Strangled in Istanbul at the behest of the Grand Vizier.
Mahmed I
   ruled from   
1413 - 1421
Nicknamed "The Bowstring Maker". Widely known as the secound founder of the Ottoman Empire.
Mahmed II
   ruled from   
1444 - 1446
Surrendered the throne to his father (Murad II) after having asked him to return to power
Mahmud I
   ruled from   
1730 - 1754
Nicknamed "The Hunchback". Entrusted government to his viziers and spent much of his time composing poetry.
Mahmud II
   ruled from   
1808 - 1839
His reign is notable mostly for the extensive administrative, military and fiscal reforms he instituted, which culminated into the Decree of Tanzimat.
Mehmed II
   ruled from   
1595 - 1603
Remains notorious even in Ottoman history for having nineteen of his brothers and half brothers murdered to secure power. He also killed over twenty of his sisters as well. They were all strangled by his deaf-mutes.
Mehmed IV
   ruled from   
1648 - 1687
Nicknamed "The Hunter". Deposed in 1687 following the Ottoman defeat at the Second Battle of Mohacs.
Mehmed V
   ruled from   
1909 - 1918
His reign began on 27 April 1909 but he had no real political power. His only significant political act was to formally declare Jihad against the Allies in 1914.
Mehmed VI
   ruled from   
1919 - 1922
The 36th and last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Mehmed was removed from the thrown when the Ottoman sultanate was abolished in 1922.
Murad I
   ruled from   
1360 - 1389
Established the Empire by building up a society and government in the newly conquered city of Adrianople.
Murad II
   ruled from   
1421 - 1444
Abdicated of his own free will in favour of his son Mahmed II.
Murad III
   ruled from   
1574 - 1595
Murad begin his reign by having his five younger brothers strangled.
Murad IV
   ruled from   
1623 - 1640
Nicknamed "The Warrior". Banned alcohol, tobacco and coffee in Istanbul. He ordered execution for breaking this ban although he was a habitual drinker.
Murad V
   ruled from   
1876 - 1876
Deposed due to his efforts to implement democratic reforms in the empire.
Mustafa I
   ruled from   
1617 - 1618
Nicknamed "The Intestable". Deposed due to his non-syndromic mental retardation in favour of his young nephew Osman II.
Mustafa II
   ruled from   
1695 - 1703
Deposed in 1703 by reason of the Janissary uprising known as the 'Edirne Event'.
Mustafa III
   ruled from   
1757 - 1774
Nicknamed "The First Innovative". Sought to modernize the army and the internal state machinery to bring his empire in line with the Powers of Europe.
Mustafa IV
   ruled from   
1807 - 1808
Mustafa came to the throne in the wake of the turbulent events that led to the fatwa against Selim III for "introducing amongs the Moslems the manners of infidels".
Orhan I
   ruled from   
1324 - 1361
Was the second Bey, or chief, of the nascent Ottoman Empire
Osman I
   ruled from   
1299 - 1324
Nicknamed "Kara" for his courage, was the leader of the Ottoman Turks, and the founder of the dynasty that established and ruled the Ottoman Empire.
Osman II
   ruled from   
1618 - 1622
Nicknamed "The Young". Murdered by the Grand Vizier by compression of his testicles.
Osman III
   ruled from   
1754 - 1757
Nicknamed "The Devout". He hated music and had a dislike to women's companionship.
Selim I
   ruled from   
1512 - 1520
Selim put his brothers and nephews to death upon his accession in order to eliminate potential pretenders to the throne.
Selim II
   ruled from   
1566 - 1574
Also known as "Selim the Drunkard". Devoid of military interest and abandoned power to his ministers provided he was left free to pursue his orgies and debauches.
Selim III
   ruled from   
1789 - 1807
Selim III would be the only Ottoman sultan to be killed by the sword (assassination).
Suleiman I
   ruled from   
1520 - 1566
Nicknamed "The Magnificent" for his complete reconstruction of the Ottoman Legal system.
Suleiman II
   ruled from   
1687 - 1691

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